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Believe it or not, more and more people use diagrams to visualize what they think and do and express their thoughts. But these diagrams have different elements. So, it is a little difficult to find a tool that can draw various diagrams. Luckily, MindOnMap provides various shapes and icons, and you can use them to create different maps or diagrams, including mind maps, fishbone diagrams, tree maps, organizational charts, and more.

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Draw Diagrams with Templates or Customized Tools

When creating a mind map or flowchart, it is essential to let your diagram have a good look so that others can view your mind map comfortably. And MindOnMap enables you to design your charts as you like. With the palette, you can adjust the color of each shape or node based on your needs. You can also apply some beautiful styles on shapes, including Sketch, etc. In addition, you also can select the font, color, size, and alignment for texts. What's more, the background of the diagram also can be changed. If you don't want to spend time designing your diagram's look, you can use provided templates.

Abundant Symbols, Arrows, and Icons Are Offered

Flowcharts, UML diagrams, swim lane diagrams, and other diagrams have exclusive symbols or elements. In this case, MindOnMap provides a mass of symbols to let you create professional diagrams. These symbols contain rectangles, circles, parallelograms, object symbols, class symbols, etc. Apart from those, you can also find many arrows with various styles in the toolbar if you want to add icons to your mind map to make it clearer. This mind mapping software also can meet your needs. There are multiple icons with different categories, including priority, progress, flag, and more.

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When You Can Use Mind Mapping App

As you can use this tool to make many popular diagrams, it is helpful on many occasions. For example, you can use it to draw mind maps when taking class notes. You also can use it to do brainstorming to inspire creativity. And you can clarify your ideas or some stories' plots with it.

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User Reviews of MindOnMap

Millie Starts

What a great concept map maker it is! It saves my concept maps to the cloud so I can check and view them anytime and anywhere.

Jennifer Starts

I like using this organizational chart creator very much because it allows me to insert pictures easily and adjust the canvas size as I like.

Amy Starts

The flowchart creator amazes me most is that there are all kinds of arrows. And I can use them based on the relationships of shapes.

Joseph Starts

This mind mapping software is convenient because I can check versions and the history of editing the same diagram.

Caleb Starts

This timeline creator is the easiest tool I have ever used. It has a simple interface and user-friendly button design.

Blake Starts

It has helped me many times in my learning life. I use this mind map maker to take notes, make presentations, and write outlines for my articles.

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