ArkThinker highly respects users' privacy and always promises to protect your personal data. This policy is valid when you visit our websites, use our products, and enjoy our services. But don't worry. All your personal data is safe with us. It won't be sold or disclosed to third parties.

Please read the following content carefully so you can learn what data will be collected, how we use it, and what we do to protect your information.

What kind of data do we collect?

1. When you visit our websites

We may collect the information about how you get into our websites, your operations while visiting our websites, and the duration of use. Also, we may acquire your cookies when you visit our websites. Cookies are tiny blocks of data saved by your browser. It is very helpful for us to identify your browser, which can help you get the correct website displays properly. But if you want to disable cookies, you can simply adjust your browser settings at any time.

2. The data you submit

It may include your name, email address, country, postal address, phone number, payment information, communication contents of customer services, and so on. We usually need this information to confirm your orders and ensure that you can enjoy our services normally.

3. When you use our products

Using our products, you may need to provide following data: your product serial number, how you use the product, registration information, operating system, device specifications, error messages, etc. When you handle the files with our products, we need to get the file size and format you upload.

4. When you share contents

If you want to share the content to social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, these platforms may require you to send cookies. That's beyond our control. You may need to check their privacy policy and get more information.

How we use the collected data?

The reason why ArkThinker collects the data is to improve our websites/products and offer you a better user experience. And some of the data can help us better understand your thoughts when communicating with you.

How we protect your data?

We are dedicated to protect your personal data from the very beginning. To make it, we have applied a bunch of safety technologies and procedures.

For example, we save the information that you offer in controlled facilities, which can limit the unauthorized access. And we adopt encryption like Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protocol to avoid disclosure of your highly confidential information.

What are your user's rights?

About Policy Revision

We may amend the current privacy policy occasionally. If so, the modified date will be updated on the site so you can check in time.

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