What Is MOV

MOV is a type of file container for videos, audio, and other multimedia. Apple develops it to save videos, movies, and more. It is also known as QuickTime File Format (QTFF), and you can open this file format in QuickTime movie player or other Apple products.

Compare MOV with Other Formats


Although MOV and MP4 files apply lossy compression, the quality of MOV files is better than MP4 files. However, MOV files are usually very large. Moreover, MOV is only works with Apple products, and MP4 is more compatible with a vast range of media players and platforms.


MOV and AVI files are two types of file containers. The biggest difference between MOV and AVI is that MOV files are mainly used on Mac, and AVI files run on Windows computers. And the file size of MOV files is smaller than AVI due to the codec used.


These two files are both file containers, but MKV tends to be larger than MOV in size.

How to Open and Play MOV

You can open and play MOV files with most video players, including QuickTime Player (Mac), iTunes, VLC Media Player (multiplatform), and other media players.

How to Convert MOV Files

If you need to convert media files to MOV or vice versa, read on below to find the conversion you need.

Convert File to MOV

  • AVCHD to MOV
  • M3U to MOV
  • VHS to MOV
  • AVI to MOV
  • WMV to MOV
  • MP4 轉 MOV
  • VOB to MOV
  • 3GP to MOV
  • MKV to MOV
  • MPEG to MOV
  • WebM to MOV
  • DivX to MOV
  • FLV 轉 MOV
  • MTS to MOV
  • SWF to MOV
  • F4V to MOV
  • M2TS to MOV
  • TS to MOV
  • MXF 轉 MOV
  • RMVB to MOV
  • XviD to MOV
  • DV to MOV
  • OGV to MOV
  • AMV 至 MOV
  • MTV to MOV
  • MPG to MOV

將 MOV 轉換為其他文件

  • MOV to AVCHD
  • MOV to M3U
  • MOV to VHS
  • MOV 到 AVI
  • MOV 轉 WMV
  • MOV 轉 MP4
  • MOV 到 VOB
  • MOV 轉 3GP
  • MOV 轉 MKV
  • MOV to MPEG
  • MOV to WebM
  • MOV to DivX
  • MOV 轉 FLV
  • MOV to MTS
  • MOV to SWF
  • MOV to F4V
  • MOV to M2TS
  • MOV to TS
  • MOV 轉 MXF
  • MOV to RMVB
  • MOV to XviD
  • MOV to DV
  • MOV to OGV
  • MOV 轉 AMV
  • MOV to MTV
  • MOV 至 MPG
  • MOV 到 WAV
  • MOV 轉 AAC
  • MOV 轉 FLAC
  • MOV 轉 M4A
  • MOV 轉 WMA
  • MOV 轉 OGG
  • MOV 至 AC3
  • MOV 轉 AIFF
  • MOV 轉 M4R
  • MOV to DTS
  • MOV to AMR
  • MOV to M4B
  • MOV to AIF
  • MOV to CAF
  • MOV to AU
  • MOV to 3G2
  • MOV 轉 MKA
  • MOV to APE
  • MOV to ASF

關於 MP4 的常見問題解答

  • How to compress MOV without losing quality?

    ArkThinker Free Video Compressor Online can shrink the MOV file size without destroying quality. More importantly, it supports a wide range of file formats, such as MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, and more.

  • How to cut an MOV file?

    You can With ArkThinker Free Video Cutter Online, it is quite easy to trim your video files. Go to https://www.arkthinker.com/video-cutter/ on your browser, and upload your MOV files by clicking the Add Files to Start button. Then, trim the unwanted segments of your video clip and then click Save. Finally, hit the Download button to export the result.

  • Can I crop MOV files online?

    Certainly, ArkThinker Video Cropper is a web-based video cropping tool. It lets you 裁切影片 without much hassle.

  • How to merge videos online?

    put your videos together, you can go ArkThinker Free Video Merger Online and add two or more files from your PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android. You can adjust the order if you need. When you are ready, click the Merge button to start the process. Once it is over, you can save it to your computer.

  • How do I reverse a video?

    You can upload your video clip to the ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate to easily reverse your videos. Then, choose a reverse speed for your video clip.



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