AIFF is less well known to the general public, unlike other widely known formats such as MP3, FLAC, etc. Do you also have files with .aiff extensions? In this article, we'll walk you through all aspects of this format. We will compare its similarities and differences with other formats and analyze its characteristics. Several ways to open AIFF format files will also be listed. In addition, if you need to convert AIFF files to other formats, we will provide you with the best assistance. Read on and get closer to AIFF with us!

Part 1. What is AIFF Format

AIFF, based on the Interchange file format (IFF), is an Audio Interchange File Format developed by Apple Inc in 1988. Generally speaking, AIFF files are uncompressed, making them retain a higher quality sound than most popular audio formats. Accordingly, they take up more disk space. AIFF files always have the .aif extension in Windows software, while Mac always applies for the .aiff extension. AIFF files contain 2 channels with 16 bits sample size, and they are recorded at 44.1 kilohertz.

AIFF-C or AIFC, which stands for Compressed Audio Interchange File Format, is a common variant of AIFF format. But unlike this format, this variant utilizes compression, so AIFF-C or AIFC files need less space than AIFF and apply for the .aifc extension.

Part 2. Compare AIFF with Other File Formats


AIF and AIFF are the same format. Files kept with the extension of .aiff and .aif are completely the same. If you open or save your files with the Windows system, they will appear with the extension of .aif. If you use macOS, your files will be marked in the .aiff extension.


MP3, developed by the Moving Pictures Experts Group, is almost the most popular audio format. It is a compressed format that applies MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. AIFF is an uncompressed file format developed by Apple Inc. Compared with MP3, AIFF is a really old file format. The biggest difference between them is the compression. MP3 is more popular because it uses lossy data compression to reduce the size of audio files, allowing users to fit more platforms and share files efficiently. But accordingly, it loses quality sometimes. So when it comes to audio editing, AIFF is a better choice for it is relatively lossless.


Both AIFF and FLAC are lossless formats for audio. However, developed by Apple, AIFF has poor compatibility compared with FLAC, for it is mainly applied to Apple devices. FLAC is compatible with more mainstream operating systems. On the other hand, AIFF files are larger, while FLAC files always need less space. This characteristic of AIFF and FLAC makes it more suitable for sharing and downloading audio formats. At the same time, AIFF is always used for saving audio in its original form and editing audio without sacrificing sound quality.


AIFF format is very similar to the WAV format developed by Microsoft. They are both uncompressed formats and contain almost the same sound quality at a high level. And they apply the same PCM (pulse-code modulation) encoding, so they both have a large size. WAV is more popular on Windows, while AIFF is more used on Mac. Also, another difference is that AIFF allows for metadata, but WAV has no metadata.

Part 3. How to Open and Play AIFF Videos

Mainstream players include Windows Media Player, iTunes, QuickTime Player, and VLC Player can be used to open AIFF files. And mobile devices like iPhones and iPad can play AIF/AIFF files directly without any Apps. But if you want to play them on Android devices, you may need to convert AIFF files to other applicable formats.

Part 4. How to Convert AIFF Formats

Suppose you need to convert AIFF files to other popular formats. In that case, ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate will be your best choice, for it supports almost all popular or common-used formats in daily life, like MP3, WMV, FLAC, M4A, MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, etc. You can also convert your audio or video to formats that fit various devices like iPhones, iPad, Android phones, TVs, etc. While ensuring the conversion process is efficient, we guarantee no data or sound quality will be lost. Just download and install it on your computer, and try it.

Quick Steps to Convert Format

Here we offer detailed steps for you to follow with.

Step 1

Upload your AIFF files

Click Add Files to upload your audio, or you can drag it directly to the central place of the window.

Step 2

Select your target format

Drop down the arrow next to Convert to, and choose your target format among all those options.

AIFF Format
Step 3

Convert your AIFF file

Choose a folder to save your converted file by dropping down the list next to Save to, and click Convert All to start the conversion process.

AIFF Convert

Besides you can read the list below for the conversion between AIFF and other popular file formats. Go through it and make your final choice!

Convert AIFF to Other File

  • AIFF to MP4
  • AIFF to WMA
  • AIFF to DTS
  • AIFF to MP3
  • AIFF to FLAC
  • AIFF to MKA
  • AIFF to MP2
  • AIFF to WAV
  • AIFF to OGG
  • AIFF to M4A
  • AIFF to AAC
  • AIFF to AC3

Convert File to AIFF

  • MP3 to AIFF
  • MP2 to AIFF
  • WAV to AIFF
  • DTS to AIFF
  • AAC to AIFF
  • FLAC to AIFF
  • MKA to AIFF
  • OGG to AIFF
  • AAC to AIFF
  • AC3 to AIFF
  • WMA to AIFF
  • M4A to AIFF
  • DTS to AIFF

Part 5. Frequently Asked Questions about AIFF

  • Do AIFF files have metadata?

    AIFF files allow metadata in Name, Author, Comment, Annotation, and Copyright chunks. AIFF files also can contain an ID3v2 tag chunk and an Application Chunk with Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) data.

  • Why are AIFF files so big?

    AIFF files are uncompressed, this feature allows the AIFF format to maintain high audio quality, but it also presents the problem of relatively large files. But this also makes the AIFF format ideal for editing audio, ensuring almost no loss of sound quality.

  • Which is best, AAC or AIFF?

    Both have their advantages and disadvantages and applicable scenarios. You can hardly say who is the best. AIFF can keep the files original without any quality or data being removed, while AAC is more popular and consumes less space. AAC is better for sharing, and AIFF is more suitable for keeping and editing files.


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