When watching videos on online platforms, you may find that many websites use MKV as their default video format, especially when playing high-definition videos. Although you have encountered MKV many times, some of you probably know little about MKV. Hence, this post will present everything about MKV that you might need, including the definition of MKV, comparing MKV with other formats, solutions for playing and converting MKV, and more.

Part 1. What is MKV

The full name of MKV is Matroska Multimedia Container. As a video format, it is free and open because it can store videos, audio files, pictures, and subtitles without the number limitation in one file. Besides, MKV does not compress data, so it is widely used by professional programs and video websites. These platforms use MKV to store movies, TV shows, and videos.

Part 2. Compare MKV with Other Formats


The similarity between MKV and MP4 is that they both can be encoded by HEVC video codec. While the difference between these two formats is that MKV supports FLAC, but MP4 does not, which lets MKV has lossless audio compression.


MKV is a widely-used multimedia container that can store any video and audio. But AVCHD is commonly used to contain high-definition video that is recorded by camcorders. Besides, their file extensions are different. The file extension of the MKV video is .mkv, while the file extensions of AVCHD are .mts, .mats, and .ts.


WebM can be considered the registered version of MKV. MKV can contain almost all multimedia files, but WebM can only use VP8 and VP9 codecs. WebM files can all be seen as MKV files, but not all MKV files are WebM files.

Part 3. How to Open and Play MKV

Nowadays, almost all video players can enable you to open and play MKV. You can use VLC Media Player, 5KPlayer, KMPlayer, etc. If you want to use VLC Media Player to open MKV, you should right-click your MKV file and select Open with > VLC Media Player. You also can use ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate to open and play MKV on your Windows and Mac computers.

Part 4. How to Convert Between MKV and Other Files

If you need to convert MKV to other file formats or want to change your files to MKV, you can find methods below.

Convert File to MKV

  • MOV to MKV
  • AVI to MKV
  • WMV to MKV
  • M4V to MKV
  • MPG to MKV
  • 3GP to MKV
  • SWF to MKV
  • MXF to MKV
  • M3U to MKV
  • MKV to MKV
  • MP3 to MKV
  • FLV to MKV
  • MPEG to MKV
  • VOB to MKV
  • TS to MKV
  • QuickTime to MKV
  • OGV to MKV
  • OGG to MKV
  • WebM to MKV
  • M4S to MKV
  • M3U8 to MKV
  • M4A to MKV
  • WAV to MKV
  • ARF to MKV
  • MTS/M2TS to MKV
  • AVCHD to MKV
  • VHS to MKV

Convert MKV to Other File

  • MKV to MP3
  • MKV to WebM
  • MKV to OGG
  • MKV to MPEG
  • MKV to 3GP
  • MKV to FLV
  • MKV to WAV
  • MKV to MP4
  • MKV to WAVE
  • MKV to M4A
  • MKV to OGV
  • MKV to AAC
  • MKV to MOV
  • MKV to WMV
  • MKV to AVI
  • MKV to MPG
  • MKV to SWF
  • MKV to M4R
  • MKV to VOB

Part 5. FAQs About MKV

  • How to edit MKV files?

    Almost all commonly-used video editors support editing MKV videos, including Premiere, After Effects, iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Davinci, etc. You also can use ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate to edit your MKV files.

  • How do I trim MKV files in Windows?

    Install ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate on your Windows computer and run it. Then you can click the Add File button to import your MKV files and click the Cut icon to begin trimming your MKV files. With this feature, you can cut out the unwanted part from your MKV files and split your one MKV file into multiple segments.

  • How can I crop MKV files for free?

    If you want to crop your MKV files for free, you can use ArkThinker Free Video Cropper Online, a free MKV cropper. To crop MKV, you should enter this tool’s page, click the Add File to Start button to upload your MKV, then you can crop it.


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