If you are a Windows computer user, you must have seen or used AVI files many times. However, you might have a lot of questions about the AVI file, like what an AVI file is. Hence, this post will talk about AVI roundly to solve your problems.

Part 1. What AVI is

AVI, also known as Audio Video Interleave, is a container format for multimedia. It was first introduced in 1992 by Microsoft. You can use AVI to store video and audio and play them in sync. Nowadays, AVI is supported widely by devices, programs, and platforms. Besides, AVI stores data with slight compression and quality loss.

Part 2. Compare AVI with Other Formats


AVI usually stores general video and audio, but MPG is more used to create movies and record videos. And a comparison to MPG, AVI uses less compression, meaning AVI occupies more space than MPG.


WMV is the abbreviation of Windows Media Video, while AVI is the abbreviation of Audio Video Interleave. WMV can only store video, but AVI can store video and audio. Besides, the file size of WMV is smaller than AVI.

Part 3. How to Open and Play AVI

On Windows computers, you can use Windows Media Player, Microsoft Movies & TV, Adobe Premiere, VLC Media Player, and other tools to open and play your AVI files. You can use QuickTime Player, Adobe Premiere, and VLC Media Player on macOS computers to play AVI. If you want to use a mobile device to open and play AVI, you also can use VLC Media Player.

Part 4. How to Convert Between AVI and Other Files

You can find solutions below if you want to change your AVI to other file formats or convert video or audio to AVI.

Convert File to AVI

  • MOV to AVI
  • MKV to AVI
  • WebM to AVI
  • AVI to AVI
  • MP3 to AVI
  • M4S to AVI
  • WMV to AVI
  • FLV to AVI
  • M3U8 to AVI
  • M4V to AVI
  • MPEG to AVI
  • M4A to AVI
  • MPG to AVI
  • VOB to AVI
  • WAV to AVI
  • 3GP to AVI
  • TS to AVI
  • ARF to AVI
  • SWF to AVI
  • QuickTime to AVI
  • MTS/M2TS to AVI
  • MXF to AVI
  • OGV to AVI
  • AVCHD to AVI
  • M3U to AVI
  • OGG to AVI
  • VHS to AVI

Convert AVI to Other File

  • AVI to MP3
  • AVI to WAV
  • AVI to MOV
  • AVI to WebM
  • AVI to MP4
  • AVI to WMV
  • AVI to OGG
  • AVI to WAVE
  • AVI to MKV
  • AVI to MPEG
  • AVI to M4A
  • AVI to MPG
  • AVI to 3GP
  • AVI to OGV
  • AVI to SWF
  • AVI to FLV
  • AVI to AAC
  • AVI to M4R
  • AVI to VOB

Part 5. FAQs About AVI

  • How to compress AVI files?

    You can use the Video Compressor tool of ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate to compress AVI based on your needs. Run the software, go to the Toolbox tab, select Video Compressor, then you can import your AVI file and reduce its file size.

  • How to cut AVI videos online?

    To trim AVI video online, you can use ArkThinker Free Video Cutter Online. Click the Add File to Start button to upload your AVI video, and then you can cut it as you like.

  • How to reverse AVI videos?

    If you need to play your AVI videos backward, you can use ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate to reverse videos. What you need to do are running this software, going to Toolbox, and clicking the Video Reverser button.


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