Music app manufacturers usually use WAV as their default audio format because uncompressed WAV has high resolution and quality. However, the size of an uncompressed WAV file is quite large, so people rarely use it when they need to share or transfer audio files online. Based on these descriptions of WAV, are you curious about it? Do you want to know what exactly WAV is? Do you want to learn how to open or convert WAV? If your answer is YES, keep reading this post.

Part 1. What the WAV Definition is

Waveform Audio File Format or WAV or WAVE, developed and introduced by Microsoft and IBM, is an audio file format. WAV is designed to store uncompressed audio on computers. While WAV also can contain compressed audio files, which are less than uncompressed audio files. This feature makes WAV popular among music software manufacturers for its high quality.

Part 2. Compare WAV with Other Formats


WAV and MP3 are both audio formats, but they have differences. WAV usually stores uncompressed audio files, making WAV lossless and large. As for MP3, it often stores compressed audio files, which makes MP3 smaller in size than WAV when containing the same audio file.


The main difference between WAV and FLAC is that FLAC is a lossless compression audio format that aims to keep the audio quality and lessen the size. Still, WAV is a lossless audio format that contains uncompressed audio files.


Both WAV and AIFF use the same encoding type, high in quality and large in size. But WAV is often used on Windows computers, and AIFF is usually used on macOS computers.

Part 3. How to Play or Open WAV

On Windows computers, you can use Windows Media Player to open and play WAV files. On Mac devices, you can use QuickTime Player or iTunes to open WAV files. VLC Media Player and ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate can help you open and play WAV files on Windows and Mac.

Part 4. How to Convert Between WAV and Other Files

Here are solutions you can learn and use when you want to convert WAV to other file formats or convert other formats to WAV.

Convert File to WAV

  • MOV to WAV
  • MP4 to WAV
  • WebM to WAV
  • AVI to WAV
  • MP3 to WAV
  • M4S to WAV
  • WMV to WAV
  • FLV to WAV
  • M3U8 to WAV
  • M4V to WAV
  • MPEG to WAV
  • M4A to WAV
  • MPG to WAV
  • VOB to WAV
  • MKV to WAV
  • 3GP to WAV
  • TS to WAV
  • ARF to WAV
  • SWF to WAV
  • QuickTime to WAV
  • MTS/M2TS to WAV
  • MXF to WAV
  • OGV to WAV
  • AVCHD to WAV
  • M3U to WAV
  • OGG to WAV
  • VHS to WAV

Convert WAV to Other File

  • WAV to MP3
  • WAV to MKV
  • WAV to MOV
  • WAV to WebM
  • WAV to MP4
  • WAV to WMV
  • WAV to OGG
  • WAV to WAVE
  • WAV to AVI
  • WAV to MPEG
  • WAV to M4A
  • WAV to MPG
  • WAV to 3GP
  • WAV to OGV
  • WAV to SWF
  • WAV to FLV
  • WAV to AAC
  • WAV to M4R
  • WAV to VOB

Part 5. FAQs About WAV

  • How to trim WAV files?

    To trim WAV files, you can use ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate. You need to install this software on your computer first and run it, and then you can click Add Files to import your WAV file. After that, you can click the Cut icon to enter the WAV trimming window.

  • How to compress WAV?

    If you think that your WAV file is too large, ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate can help you compress WAV files. To begin with, you should install and launch the software on your device. Next, you need to go to Toolbox and select Audio Compressor to import your WAV. Later, you can compress it.

  • How to edit WAV files?

    If you want to edit WAV files, you can use ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate, an amazing program that can help you cut, compress, and combine WAV files.


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