With a video or audio saved in OGG format, you may get curious about this free file format and want to dig more. To help you better understand what OGG is and distinguish it from other formats for better conversion, we brought this passage for you to learn more about it.

Part 1. What OGG is

Generally, OGG is an open and free container capable of storing more audio channels. It originates from the jargon “ogging” in the Netrek desktop game and works as a powerful container for multimedia files including text, audio, metadata and video in high quality and smaller sizes. However, when it comes to compatibility with diverse devices, OGG is less competitive with other formats like MP3, WAV, etc. especially for high-battery consumption. To better understand its pros and cons, you can tell them from the difference between OGG and other formats.

Part 2. Compare OGG with Other Formats


MP3 is a common choice for the small file size along with the smooth and short downloading process to go on. But still, the lossy audio would be hard work for it’s irreversible to restore and compromises in the audio quality. In other words, OGG can be regarded as an alternative to MP3 for higher quality in sound, a compressed but quality-reserved file for more storage space, as well as an open-source container for use.


OGG files are saved in lossy, compressed format under most circumstances. Compared with OGG, WAV is famous as the ideal format for audio files with no loss of the original data. But the drawback also comes because it takes larger space and more time to upload a WAV program online. And you also need to notice that you may not regain the full sound if the source file was saved in a compressed format for WAV conversion.


FLAC files contain the recording with the same quality in a compressed form. The audio is saved lossless while OGG is saved lossy. Moreover, FLAC files are easily matched to most devices in the market so it’s not hard work to play them for free. But OGG earns an edge on the various streaming of multimedia.

Part 3. How to Open and Play OGG

Considering the features of OGG file, you can take it as a great solution for the mixing source of data and free access. So to help open and play your OGG file, you can turn to built-in media players on your PC like Windows Media Player(With Directshow filter)or QuickTime Player on Mac, software including ArkThinker Video Converter, Google Drive, Adobe Audition and more.

Part 4. How to Convert From/To OGG and Other Files

You are free to convert programs in OGG to other popular formats and vice versa. Go through the list and check your optional match.

Convert OGG to Other Files

  • OGG to MP4
  • OGG to AVI
  • OGG to AMV
  • OGG to WMV
  • OGG to M4V
  • OGG to MPG
  • OGG to 3GP
  • OGG to MXF
  • OGG to MPEG
  • OGG to FLV
  • OGG to MOV
  • OGG to VOB
  • OGG to TS
  • OGG to M4A
  • OGG to M3UB
  • OGG to WAV
  • OGG to AVCHD
  • OGG to VHS
  • OGG to ARF
  • OGG to SWF
  • OGG to MKV

Convert Files to OGG

  • MP4 to OGG
  • AVI to OGG
  • AMV to OGG
  • WMV to OGG
  • M4V to OGG
  • MPG to OGG
  • 3GP to OGG
  • MXF to OGG
  • MPEG to OGG
  • FLV to OGG
  • MOV to OGG
  • VOB to OGG
  • TS to OGG
  • M4A to OGG
  • M3UB to OGG
  • WAV to OGG
  • AVCHD to OGG
  • VHS to OGG
  • ARF to OGG
  • SWF to OGG
  • MKV to OGG

Part 5. FAQs about OGG

  • Does WhatsApp support OGG?

    It only supports OGG files when your OGG file uses the opus audio codes saved in .ogg or .opus.

  • Can I convert OGG to MP4?

    Yes, for sure. You can follow this guide for recommendations. Built-in players on your PC and third-party software like ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate would both be good options.

  • Can Android phones play OGG files?

    Yes. And you can play OGG format through Google Play Music on your Android phones by simply launching the program, adding your file and playing OGG through a few taps.


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