When playing videos in AMV format with a high compression ratio and low-resolution rate, you may find it baffling to get an insight into AMV files on different occasions in life. Therefore, we introduce this page for your use to offer you detailed information on this subject.

Part 1. What AMV is

AMV refers to Actions Media Video in full. As a compressed video file format that is produced specifically for MP3/MP4/S1 players, it is featured on a relatively high video compression ratio and frame rate to fit in with smaller screens. This container is a modified version of AVI and all files compressed in AMV format till now run sound at 22050 samples per second.

Part 2. Compare AMV with Other Formats


AVI stands for Audio Video Interlace file and is widely supported to play by many video players and devices. It is known for the good compatibility. In contrast. AMV has limited quantization tables and is not supported by many media players.


A MP4 video is stores as MPEG-4 video file. It is a multimedia container format standard and easily stores various codecs and data. However, an AMV video requires lower power for processing but is limited by the low resolution and is not guaranteed of a good quality of files.


WebM can be considered the registered version of MKV. MKV can contain almost all multimedia files, but WebM can only use VP8 and VP9 codecs. WebM files can all be seen as MKV files, but not all MKV files are WebM files.

Part 3. How to Open and Play AMV

With all the advantages considered, AMV format is a good option if you are seeking for files stored at a lower cost and in a smaller size. However, since it is not accessible on most video players, you can play it with the help of the PC software on your desktop through AMV media player. For Mac users they can turn to QuickTime Player and for Windows users they can try Microsoft Windows media player. VLC Media Player are all-system friendly.

Part 4. How to Convert Between AMV and Other Files

Easy solutions are within your reach if you are in need of format conversion to switch between AMV and other formats. Follow the methods below.

Convert AMV to Other Files

  • AMV to MP4
  • AMV to AVI
  • AMV to MP3
  • AMV to WMV
  • AMV to M4V
  • AMV to MPG
  • AMV to 3GP
  • AMV to MXF
  • AMV to SWF
  • AMV to M3U
  • AMV to MKV
  • AMV to MP3
  • AMV to MOV
  • AMV to MPEG
  • AMV to FLV
  • AMV to VOB
  • AMV to OGG
  • AMV to OGV
  • AMV to TS
  • AMV to M4A
  • AMV to M3UB
  • AMV to WAV
  • AMV to ARF
  • AMV to AVCHD
  • AMV to VHS

Convert Files to AMV

  • MP3 to AMV
  • MP4 to AMV
  • AVI to AMV
  • WMV to AMV
  • M4V to AMV
  • MPG to AMV
  • 3GP to AMV
  • MXF to AMV
  • SWF to AMV
  • M3U to AMV
  • MKV to AMV
  • MP3 to AMV
  • MOV to AMV
  • MPEG to AMV
  • FLV to AMV
  • VOB to AMV
  • OGG to AMV
  • OGV to AMV
  • TS to AMV
  • M4A to AMV
  • M3UB to AMV
  • WAV to AMV
  • ARF to AMV
  • AVCHD to AMV
  • VHS to AMV

Part 5. FAQs About AMV

  • How to convert an MP4 video to AMV?

    You can launch ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate to achieve this conversion. After adding your file, unfold the Menu list and choose AMV as the final format. Select Convert All to save your file.

  • How to edit AMV videos on a laptop?

    If you are looking for a channel to edit your AMV video, try the video editor based on your system. You can use iMovie for free to make AMVs if you are a Mac user or Windows Movie Maker using a Windows system. Also, you cannot miss ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate to tap on different functions based on your needs.

  • What does AMV mean?

    AMV is the abbreviation for Actions Media Video in terms of file format. To differentiate it from other concepts, you may find that in the pop culture, it stands for Anime Music Video edited by fans to mix anime footage with the popular music.


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