This article explains from all angles what M2TS files are, how to play them on your device, and convert them to more popular formats like MP4 or MKV. Read this article to get all the information you need about M2TS.

Part 1. What is an M2TS File

M2TS is a file format for Blu-ray Disc Audio-Video MPEG-2 Transport Stream containers. Its filename extension is .m2ts. And M2TS is viewed as a video container format, which is commonly used for high-definition video on Blu-ray Discs and AVCHD.

Part 2. How to Play M2TS File

The most direct way to play an M2TS file is by using Blu-ray disc software players, a DVD TV, or a computer with a DVD drive. Moreover, if you want to play it on your computer at any time, you may consider downloading a third-party player. When your work requires frequent use of M2TS files, a good M2TS player can save you time and improve efficiency. For example, you can choose from Windows Media Player, VLC, SMPlayer, 5KPlayer, Splash, etc. It is worth mentioning that these players can be used for Windows except VLC, which can only be used for Linux and macOS.

Finally, you can also convert M2TS to other formats and then play it through the M2TS converter mentioned in the next part.

Part 3. How to Convert M2TS File

M2TS is one of the file formats of AVCHD videos, which commonly can't play on your phone, PC, or Mac. The best way is to convert M2TS to MP4, the most popular video format for all devices nowadays.

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Simple Steps to Convert M2TS


Add an M2TS file

Click the Add Files button to add an M2TS file. You can also drag and drop to add the file to the main interface.

Add M2TS File

Set the output format

You can click the drop-down option next to Convert All to and select the output format for the M2TS file.

Select Output Format

Convert M2TS to other formats

Click the Convert All button to start the conversion and save the converted file on your computer.

Convert File Format

The following are some file formats that you can convert. Continue reading more!

Convert M2TS to Other File

  • M2TS to MP4
  • M2TS to MKV
  • M2TS to MOV
  • M2TS to WMV
  • M2TS to VOB
  • M2TS to MPEG
  • M2TS to MPG
  • M2TS to MP3
  • M2TS to AVI
  • M2TS to MTS
  • M2TS to FLV
  • M2TS to TS

Convert File to M2TS

  • MP4 to M2TS
  • MKV to M2TS
  • MOV to M2TS
  • WMV to M2TS
  • VOB to M2TS
  • MPEG to M2TS
  • MPG to M2TS
  • MP3 to M2TS
  • AVI to M2TS
  • MTS to M2TS
  • FLV to M2TS
  • TS to M2TS

Part 4. Part 4. FAQs About M2TS

  • What is the difference between M2TS and MTS?

    MTS is a file stored in memory when video clips are recorded with advanced camcorders such as Sony and Canon. When MTS are exported to a computer, they are automatically converted to M2TS for compatibility with operating systems or to be read by certain applications.

  • Is M2TS better than MP4?

    If you want to save storage space, MP4 is better than M2TS. Because M2TS takes larger space on your device. However, M2TS is known for supporting Blu-Ray DVDs and the AVCHD format for camcorders, which is better than MP4 in video quality.

  • What is M2TS used for?

    M2TS is a video container format that stores high-definition videos on Blu-ray discs, AVCHD, Hard-drives, and other devices. This format is also known as BDAV because of its common use in Blu-ray discs.


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