When downloading videos or watching movies on the Internet, you may discover that many programs are saved in the .mpg extension. Then you begin to wonder what if you would like to open and edit your files in MPG format with a deeper understanding. If so, we hope you enjoy this post for full details and a comprehensive guide on MPG.

Part 1. Get Started with What MPG Is

MPG format, which is usually seen as a .mpg file extension, encompasses MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 audio and video compression. MPEG-1 is a standardized lossy format for both videos and audio and enjoys broad compatibility with most media players available in the present market. MPEG-2, also known as H.262, is designated to supplement the MPEG (Motion Pictures Expert Group) system with more support for the transmission of digital videos on TV quality. Files in MPG enable storing audio, videos and metadata already interleaved in one stream for quick and convenient transmission.

Part 2. Tell the Difference between MPG and Other Format


Although the two formats are both developed by MEPG(Motion Picture Experts Group), you can still differentiate them in many aspects. As has been mentioned above, MPG adopts MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 codec and is a good choice for DVD streaming and video recording with good quality and a small size. While MP4, on the other hand, is one of the most popular video formats and uses MPEG-4 codec. It’s taken for video sharing and gains wider support from hardware devices and media players.


M4V refers to MPEG-4 Video in full, which is also recognized as a video and audio distributor in iTunes. Compared with MPG files, it’s a better match with Apple users and shares a lot in common with MP4. But MPG is better supported by most multimedia players with a higher resolution rate and video quality.


AVI is abbreviated from Audio Video Interleave. Since its development by Microsoft, AVI has improved and taken for use among more and more users. It’s compatible with most browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux. But it’s less competitive on the file size compared with the smaller file of MPG. And MPG also allows lossy compression without much quality loss on audio and videos.

Part 3. How to Open and Play MPG Files

When accessing MPG files, you can match them with common media players depending on your device. If you are a Windows user, options like Microsoft Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic-Black Edition and more. While using Mac, you can resort to Apple QuickTime Player, VLC Media Player, Elmedia Player, etc. And it’s worthwhile noticing that ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate is bi-system supported and supplies a comprehensive platform with MPG opening, playing and converting at one stop.

Part 4. How to Convert from/to MPG and Other Formats

You can find a possible conversion between MPG and any other format with the listed examples. Check and match your ideal transmission here,

Convert MPG to Other Files

  • MPG to MP4
  • MPG to AVI
  • MPG to MP3
  • MPG to WMV
  • MPG to M4V
  • MPG to MPG
  • MPG to 3GP
  • MPG to MXF
  • MPG to SWF
  • MPG to M3U
  • MPG to MKV
  • MPG to MP3
  • MPG to MOV
  • MPG to MPEG
  • MPG to FLV
  • MPG to VOB
  • MPG to OGG
  • MPG to OGV
  • MPG to TS
  • MPG to M4A
  • MPG to M3UB
  • MPG to WAV
  • MPG to ARF
  • MPG to AVCHD
  • MPG to VHS

Convert Other Files to MPG

  • MP3 to MPG
  • MP4 to MPG
  • AVI to MPG
  • WMV to MPG
  • M4V to MPG
  • MPG to MPG
  • 3GP to MPG
  • MXF to MPG
  • SWF to MPG
  • M3U to MPG
  • MKV to MPG
  • MP3 to MPG
  • MOV to MPG
  • MPEG to MPG
  • FLV to MPG
  • VOB to MPG
  • OGG to MPG
  • OGV to MPG
  • TS to MPG
  • M4A to MPG
  • M3UB to MPG
  • WAV to MPG
  • ARF to MPG
  • AVCHD to MPG
  • VHS to MPG

Part 5. FAQs about MPG

  • How to open MPG files on my phone?

    You can download video player apps on your phones like VLC Media Player, BS Player, Video Player All Format, etc.

  • How to open MPG files?

    You can seek solutions in this post and try QuickTime Player (for Mac), Windows Media Player (for Windows) and more.

  • Which video format has the best quality?

    Videos in AVI enjoy the highest quality but also come with a large size in storage at the same time.


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