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Do you want to add a polished look or discreetly show ownership in your Word documents? Watermarks are the solution! With the help of this guide, you can master watermarking. We'll show you how to add watermarks in Word. Watermarks, either text or picture, can be easily added to your documents. It turns them from plain text into branded works of art. To create the ideal appearance, unleash your inner designer by adjusting the typefaces, colors, and opacity. Are unwelcome watermarks on documents you've received overwhelming you? Do not panic! We'll introduce you to a quick and easy internet tool that gets rid of them. You'll be an expert at watermarking by the end, guaranteeing the security and professionalism of your documents.

Watermark in Word
Part 1. How to Insert Watermark in Word- Text Watermark and Image Watermark
Part 2. How to Customize Your Watermark in Word
Part 3. Bonus Tip: How to Remove Watermark from Images with ArkThinker Watermark Remover
Part 4. FAQs about Watermark in Word

Part 1. How to Insert Watermark in Word - Text Watermark and Image Watermark

Have you ever thought that your Word documents were missing something? Perhaps some subtle branding or an ownership mark? Watermarks, however, are ready to take your call! With the help of this tutorial, you will be able to add a watermark to Word documents with ease. Imagine turning your documents from plain files into branded works of art. They will have your company's logo discreetly in the background. These translucent images or text overlays can add professionalism or prevent unauthorized copying. It will teach you how to insert both text and image watermarks into your Word documents.

Alternatively, consider protecting your work with a copyright notice that is neatly included in the text. We'll guide you through the process step by step. You'll learn how to add text and image watermarks to your papers. It will make them secure and unique.

Method 1. Add Text Watermark to Word

Step 1

Go to the Design tab after opening a Word document. Find the watermark area under the settings for the Page Background. Select Watermark by clicking.

Find Watermark in Word
Step 2

Select Text watermark from the watermark drop-down. In the designated field, type the text you want. Experiment with formatting parameters such as color, size, and font style to add personality to your text watermark.

Insert Text Watermark
Step 3

Hit OK, and you're done! Now, your text watermark appears on every page of your document.

Apply Watermark Text

Method 2. Add Image Watermark to Word

Step 1

Follow steps 1 and 2 from the text watermark method

Step 2

Choose the picture watermark from the watermark drop and down and click the custom watermark window. To select the required image, click Select Picture and explore your folders. You may alter the image's transparency and size to get a balanced appearance.

Choose Picture Watermark
Step 3

Once you click OK, your picture watermark will be added to your document. You'll become an expert on how to insert watermark in Word quickly by following these methods!

Appear Picture Watermark

Part 2. How to Customize Your Watermark in Word

You've become an expert at putting watermarks, both text and image, into Word documents! But where is watermark in Word customization? However, the adventure is far from over. This tutorial explores watermark customization. It gives you the ability to turn plain watermarks into artistic masterpieces. They will flawlessly match your documents. Imagine a copyright notice that uses a modest typeface and color to fit in with the surroundings. Imagine a watermark with your company's logo. It's just transparent enough to show the paper's content but not dominate it. Prepare to let your creative side go as we examine Word's customizing features!

Step 1

Choose Watermark, and then find the Custom Watermark from the Design tab. Select an image by selecting Picture Watermark, or put your watermark text in the Text box by selecting Text Watermark. Then click OK.

Choose Custom Watermark
Step 2

You can also select a Ghost text for special treatment. To view the header, double-click the area close to the top of the page. Click the watermark to make it selected after moving the cursor over it until a four-headed arrow appears.

Choose Ghost Text
Step 3

Go back to the Design tab and click the watermark gallery. Choose Save Selection to add a watermark to the image. Click OK after naming the watermark.

Choose Save Selection Watermark

Part 3. Bonus Tip: How to Remove Watermark from Images with Arkthinker Watermark Remover

Do unwelcome watermarks hamper your images? Do not panic! This tutorial introduces you to ArkThinker Online Watermark Remover. It's a free web app that lets you erase watermarks easily on any photo. ArkThinker Watermark Remover enables you to delete distracting logos easily. These include text overlays or any blemishes that damage your photos. You may restore your desired clean and spotless aesthetic by having ArkThinker delete them with ease and also blemishes disappear thanks to its clever algorithms, giving your pictures a polished, expert appearance.

The tool is easy to use and analyzes your photos with remarkable accuracy. It uses advanced algorithms to erase watermarks while keeping the surrounding features. Prepare to give your watermarked pictures a fresh look! The upcoming parts will cover the easy steps to use ArkThinker Watermark Remover. It creates beautiful, watermark-free photographs.

Step 1

Visit the website for ArkThinker Watermark Remover. Upload Your Watermarked Picture by clicking the Select Image button. Look through your files and select the picture from which you wish to take the watermark off.

Upload Your Photo
Step 2

ArkThinker provides two techniques for removing watermarks. Choose the right brush to remove minor watermarks precisely. The Lasso Tool is ideal for choosing watermarks with bigger, asymmetrical shapes. Select the technique that best fits the dimensions and form of your watermark. Click Erase after you've selected the watermark area. Its clever algorithms will remove the watermark from the image.

Remove Unwanted Watermarks
Step 3

Once you're happy, save your watermark-free image to your device by clicking the Download option.

Save Remove Watermark

Part 4. FAQs about Watermark in Word

Can I customize my watermark in Word?

Of course! Double-clicking your watermark will bring up editing mode after it has been inserted. After that, you can alter a number of elements:
• Font: Using the Font tab on the ribbon, play around with different font sizes and styles.
• Color: Using the Font Color dropdown option, select a text watermark color that goes well with the rest of your document.
• Image watermarks are transparent: To adjust their visibility, right-click the image and choose Format Picture. Then, in the Format Picture pane, move the Transparency slider.
• Placement: To move the watermark to a desired spot on the page, click and hold it while editing.

How to watermark a picture in Word?

To watermark a picture in Word:
1. Insert the picture.
2. Format it (resize, crop, etc.).
3. Apply an artistic effect to make it appear as a watermark.
4. Adjust transparency for the watermark effect.
5. Reposition and resize the watermark.
6. Save your document.

What are Word's watermarks, and how are they used?

Watermarks are graphics. They are quietly inserted into the background of your Word documents. These elements are usually text or logos. They accomplish a number of goals:
• Ownership: Put your name or a copyright notice on your document to assert your ownership.
• Branding: Use a polished company logo to improve your documents.
• Confidentiality: Requires marking important documents. They must be marked as Draft or Confidential to keep others from seeing them.


One useful tool for branding and protection across many platforms is watermarking. We can add watermark to Word, either text- or image-based, and can be simply added and customized in Word to improve document security and branding. Also, tools like ArkThinker Watermark Remover offer a simple way to remove watermarks from pictures. Watermarking is key. It makes documents and photos look good and safe. It balances customization and security. Start perfecting your watermark skills by following this guide or sharing it to help more.

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