Ultimate Guide to Inpaint: Remove Watermark from Photo

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In the digital age, images play an important role in communication, marketing, and personal expression. However, the presence of watermarks can sometimes interfere with the visual appearance of images. Therefore, it is a valuable skill to learn how to remove watermarks effectively. Today, you will get a free image watermark remover, Inpaint. And you will know how to use it. Now, start your removal experience.

Inpaint Remove Watermark


Please note that you should not remove the watermark without permission, especially for redistribution, alteration, or commercial use. It will infringe the copyright and licensing terms associated with the image.

Part 1. What is Inpaint Mainly Used for
Part 2. How to Use Inpaint to Remove Watermark
Part 3. Best Alternative to Inpaint for Watermark Removal
Part 4. FAQs of Inpaint Remove Watermark

Part 1. What is Inpaint Mainly Used for

Inpaint is a specialized tool primarily used for photo editing and repairing. This tool can be accessed online and downloaded on Windows and Mac computers. It can remove all unwanted objects from photos. For example, you can delete unwanted people, erase wires and power lines, and remove watermarks, data stamps, etc. Besides, Inpaint allows you to beautify photos by erasing wrinkles and skin blemishes. It provides 3 marking tools that you can use to choose the removal area and detail accordingly. More importantly, Inpaint’s user-friendly interface is easy to navigate for beginners!

Part 2. How to Use Inpaint to Remove Watermark

When you want to remove watermarks or unwanted objects from a photo, you can try Inpaint online first! Without any installation, you can follow these simple steps here!

Step 1

Access theinpaint.com in your browser. Click Upload Image to add a photo with a watermark.

Upload Image Inpaint
Step 2

Select the Maker Tool or Losso Tool on the left side. Then, you can drag the mouse to mark the watermark area.

Mark Watermark Area
Step 3

Now, click the Erase button and start erasing it. Finally, you can click Download to save this image.

Download Photo No Watermark

Through the above steps, you can remove text from image or delete unwanted watermarks accordingly. And this process can be finished in a few seconds.


The online version limits the image formats (JPG, PNG, and WebM), max file size (10Mb), and max resolution (4.2MP). To get rid of limitations, you can get the desktop version. It offers more advanced features to get better image quality.

Part 3. Best Alternative to Inpaint for Watermark Removal

If you find InPaint is not easy to use for you, you can try the InPaint alterantive to get rid of the watermark. ArkThinker Free Watermark Remover Online is an excellent alternative to Inpaint. This tool is an online tool, and compatible with any browser on mobile, macOS and Windows 11/10/8/7 systems. This tool can help you remove the watermark from the image in a few seconds.

Step 1

Click the Add File to Start button to import your image file with the watermark.

Step 2

Select the watermark area and then click the Remove button. Repeat the steps until you delete the watermark totally.

Step 3

After that, click the Download button to export the image without a watermark.

Upload Alamy Photo

Part 4. FAQs of Inpaint Remove Watermark

of Inpaint Remove Watermark Is Inpaint safe?

Yes. All images you upload to Inpaint are stored for 4 hours only. After that, Inpaint will delete it and its history directly! You can use it without safety worries.

Is Inpaint free?

Yes. Inpaint is completely free. Everyone can access it online and remove unwanted objects and watermarks from photos.

Is there a free AI tool to remove watermarks?

Of course. Many free online tools can help you to remove watermarks with AI technology. For example, you can try Pixlr.

Can watermarks be removed?

Usually, the answer is yes. The watermarks can be removed from your images, videos, or digital content. But you should note that you do not violate property rights if you use other productions.

Is it a crime to remove a watermark?

If it leads to copyright infringement of intellectual property rights, you had better not remove the watermark for personal use.


Through this article, you know what Inpaint can be used for and how to remove watermarks. Inpaint stands out as a versatile and user-friendly tool for photo editing and repairing, particularly in removing unwanted objects like watermarks, blemishes, and elements. Its simple interface makes it accessible for both beginners and professionals, allowing for seamless alterations to images. Meanwhile, you get the best alternative to Inpaint, so that you can remove watermark from images easily. If you have any other questions about Inpaint remove watermark, leave your comments below.

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