Top 5 Signature Background Removers to Enhance Clarity

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In the digital age, electronic signatures have become a standard for signing documents online. However, one common issue is about backgrounds in signature images, which can make documents look unclear. This guide will introduce you to the 5 best background removers for e-signature, and each provides descriptions, pros, and cons, hoping you can find one that suits your demand.

Background Remover For E-Signature
Part 1. ArkThinker Signature Background Remover
Part 2. Simplified Signature Background Eraser
Part 3. Lunapic for Deleting Signature Background
Part 4. Fotor Signature Background Remover
Part 5. Remove.Bg to Get Rid of Signature Background
Part 6. FAQs About Background Remover for E-Signature

Part 1. ArkThinKer Signature Background Remover

ArkThinKer Free Background Remover Online is an online tool designed specifically for removing backgrounds from images, including e-signatures. It’s famous for its user-friendly interface and accuracy. Besides turning a transparent background, it also allows users to turn the background color into white, blue, red, or other colors based on your demand. It is not limited to the elimination of e-signature, as you can use this tool to deal with your portrait, product, pet, and other pictures. Such as me, I never go to the photo shop to shoot identification photos with different background, because I always resort to this tool to change the background based on my own preference at any time.

Here are detailed guiding steps to remove the background of signature.

Step 1

Upload Your Signature.

Go to the Arkthinker website and upload your signature picture.

Arkthinker E-Signature Background Remover
Step 2

Remove Background Automatically.

The tool automatically detects and removes the background. You can use the provided tools to fine-tune the removal if necessary.

Step 3

Save the picture.

Once finished, you can save the cleaned-up signature image to your device.

Pros :
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Precise background removal with minimal manual adjustment.
  • Quick processing time.
Cons :
  • A stable internet is required.

Part 2. Simplified Signature Background Eraser

Simplified is another popular online tool for erasing backgrounds from e-signatures. It offers a straightforward approach to cleaning up signature images. It caters to users who prefer a simple and quick solution without the need for many manual adjustments. This tool is ideal for those who need a fast and effective solution for everyday tasks.

Simplified E-Signature Background Remover
Pros :
  • Simple interface.
  • Quick removal processing.
  • No registration is required.
Cons :
  • Limited advanced editing options.
  • Watermark on the free version.

Part 3. Lunapic for Deleting Signature Background

Lunapic is a versatile online image editing tool that includes a feature for getting rid of the background of e-signature. It’s widely used for various image editing tasks, including e-signature cleanup. Lunapic offers an array of tools that allow for detailed and intricate editing.

Iunapic Signature Background Remover
Pros :
  • Offers versatile editing tools and options.
  • Supports precise control of the background removal.
  • Free to Use.
Cons :
  • Complex for Beginners.

Part 4. Fotor Signature Background Remover

Fotor is a well-known online photo editing platform that includes a background removal tool. It’s designed to be user-friendly while providing high-quality results. Its attractive feature is that it has diverse editing tools you can choose to polish your signature image. I always use this tool to improve work efficiency when I need to deal with e-signatures.

Fotor Background Remover For E-Signature
Pros :
  • Produces high-quality results with clean edges.
  • Intuitive interface for users.
  • Offers other editing tools to enhance your signature image.
Cons :
  • Full features require a premium subscription.
  • Some features needed to be signed up.

Part 5. Signature to Get Rid of Background, another e-signature background remover, is a highly popular tool for background removal, known for its simplicity and effectiveness. It specializes in removing backgrounds from various types of images, including e-signatures. uses advanced AI to deliver precise results with minimal effort from the user.

Removebg Background Remover For E-Signature
Pros :
  • Provides quick and automatic background removal.
  • Simple and straightforward to use.
  • Produces clean and precise results.
Cons :
  • Free version has limitations functions.
  • Full features require a subscription.

Part 6. FAQs About Background Remover for E-Signature

How do I remove the white background from a PDF signature?

To remove the white background from a PDF signature, you can use any of the background removal tools mentioned in this article such as ArkThinker free online background remover. Upload the signature image to the tool, remove the background, and save the image. Then, you can insert the cleaned-up signature into your PDF using a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat.

Can an electronic signature be handwritten?

Yes, an electronic signature can be handwritten. You can create a handwritten signature by signing on a piece of paper, scanning it, and then using a background remover tool such as ArkThinker free online background remover to create a transparent version of the signature. This image can then be used as your electronic signature.

Is it safe to upload my signature to online background removers?

Most online background remover tools are safe to use, but it is important to choose services with good reviews. Ensure that the tool has a privacy policy stating how they handle uploaded images. ArkTinker Free Online Background Remover is 100& safe.

Can I use a background remover for other types of images?

Absolutely. Background removers are versatile tools that can be used for various types of images, not just e-signatures. You can use these tools to remove backgrounds from photos, product images, logos, and more.


Erasing backgrounds from e-signatures is crucial for producing professional and clean documents. This article introduces 5 signature background removers, each with its unique features, pros, and cons. Among them, the most prominent, and one that I recommend most is the Arkthinker Free Online Background Remover. It is a handful and friendly tool for new users, and most importantly, it is equipped with diverse functions such as a rotator and cropper. Whether you’re a business professional, educator, or student, Arkthinker Free Online Background Remover can help you enhance your digital documents with clear and polished e-signatures.

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