What is Aivo: Learn Deeper About This Automated Video Generator

By Caroline Wilson Dec 20, 2023 AI Tools

Do you find it hard to create videos for your business, vlogs, school, and any other purposes? In that case, you can try Aivo. It is a software capable of generating videos based on text or prompts. With this software, you can get your video without experiencing any difficulties. So, what are you waiting for? Check this guidepost, and let us give you all the essential details you must learn about Aivo.

Aivo Review
Part 1. Introduction to Aivo
Part 2. Best Way to Convert AI-generated Video
Part 3. FAQs about Aivo Review

Part 1. Introduction to Aivo

What is Aivo?

Aivo AI is a tool for creating and generating video content in just a few minutes. Its main goal is to easily turn content, text, or images into a high-quality video. Also, to automate all of the videos, Aivo has artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In addition, with the help of this automated video creator, you don’t have to spend too many hours creating a single video. You don’t need to use the traditional way of creating your video content. When using Aivo AI, you can get your desired output in just a few minutes, which is more convenient for users. If you know how the software works, well, the operation of the tool is simple. Through artificial intelligence and some well-developed algorithms, Aivo is capable of making graphic scripts for your video creation. Moreover, the creation process is simpler than you imagine. Some users thought that utilizing the program was challenging, but once you proceed to the video generation procedure, you will see how convenient it is to use.

What is Aivo

Aivo Pricing

If you want to access Aivo on your device, you just need to purchase its subscription plan. So, if you want to buy, we are here to give you the prices of the software. See the various plans below and choose your preferred plan.

Lite Monthly Version: $15.00

Elite Monthly Version: $29.00

Supreme Monthly Version: $149.00

Lite Annual Version: $108.00

Elite Annual Version: $228.00

Supreme Annual Version: $1,188.00

Application Examples

Promoting Products through Ads

In business, there are various strategies you must use to promote your products. The best example is by creating simple ads. However, editing and creating videos manually takes some time to finish. In that case, Aivo can help you create a simple ad for your business. The best thing to do is to input the text from the user interface. Then you can also use various templates, images, videos, music, and more you can use. Also, if you already have your media, you can just insert it. After that, you can begin generating your videos in just a few seconds. Thus, when creating ads for business, always consider using Aivo for a better video-generating experience.

Creating Short Informative Videos

When creating short videos, the Aivo software is always there to make your task easier. With the help of this video generator, you can instantly generate videos based on your desired content. For example, you are an educator and want to create a video for the learners. Then, it is wise to use Aivo to get the result in just a few moments. With that, you don’t have to use various materials for creating and editing videos, which is troublesome for you.

For entertainment Purposes

As we all know, there are various reasons why you need to generate a video. One of the examples is to entertain viewers. If that is so, you can use Aivo to generate a funny, entertaining, and engaging video. To do that, you must input your main objective when using the software and begin the generation process. When done, you can check if the software created your expected outcome.

Pros :
  • The software can offer an easy-to-understand layout that is appealing to all users.
  • The video generation procedure is faster than another video generator.
  • It is accessible to all web platforms, making it accessible.
  • The tool can offer various videos, images, music, and more you can use in your creation.
Cons :
  • The software requires you to register on the official page before starting the operation.
  • The subscription plan for the software is too expensive.
  • It needs internet access since it is a web-based video generator.
  • Some videos have no relevance to the given content.

Helpful Prompts to Get an Ideal Video

In this part, we will give you some helpful prompts you can use if you want to generate a video that has relevance to your wanted result.

1. I need a short video ad about this (product) and make it engaging and convincing for all people.

2. I need a YouTube video about the different types of plants.

3. Create a video about the best international singer between the years 1995 and 2000.

4. Create a simple video about how to cook Italian pasta.

5. I need a tutorial video idea that is engaging and attractive and can be used as part of our company strategy.

6. Create an educational video that tackles the Solar system.

As you have noticed, when using prompts, you must know your purpose and be direct. So, if you want to get an ideal video, you can use the helpful prompts above as your basis.

Part 2. Best Program to Convert AI-generated Video

After you generate a video using the Aivo software, there are times when you need to convert it for compatibility purposes. Thankfully, you can find the best video converter in this section. To convert your AI-generated video, you must use the ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate. Converting the video using the program is easy. Its interface is simple to navigate, and the conversion process only takes a few seconds. Also, you can convert your AI-generated video to any video format. The offline converter supports 1000 formats, such as MP4, VOB, MOV, FLV, AVI, MKV, FLV, and more. Plus, the program lets you enjoy its batch conversion feature. It lets you convert multiple video files in just a single go. With that, you can use this feature to save more time when converting. Furthermore, ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate offers various features. It includes video editing, enhancement, GIF making, MV making, and more. So, if you want to have a better experience when converting your AI-generated videos, use this program right now.

Arkthinker Converter AI Generated Video
ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate
  • Convert videos to any format, like MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, AVI, and 1000+ more.
  • It provides a batch conversion process.
  • It supports various features, such as video editing, collage making, enhancement, etc.
  • The tool can create one video from video clips and images.

Part 3. FAQs about Aivo Review

Does the Aivo chatbot have a filter?

Yes, it has. The Aivo chatbot has a filter. It is filtered by channel, date, group, and period. With that, it can analyze the content and give a good response to the users.

Who is behind the Aivo chatbot?

Behind the Aaivo chatbot is the Agentbot. With this, you can insert your concern and speak with the chatbot. It can assist you in real-time chat, making the software more useful for users.

Is Aivo based on GPT?

Yes, it is. Since Aivo is based on GPT, it is capable of providing a great conversational experience. So, when talking to a chatbot, you can get a relevant response. Plus, it is capable of providing information when looking for something.

What are the best Aivo alternatives?

You can use various chatbots. You can use ChatGPT, DeepAI, Bing, and more. This AI-powered tool can help you create your content based on your preferred final output.


Aivo is helpful for producing and generating videos online. It can make your workload easier to finish. Thanks to this post, you have learned everything about the software. In addition, if you want to convert your AI-generated video to any format, use ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate. It lets you convert your video to MP4, M4V, MKV, AVI, MOV, FLV, and more formats.

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