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By Caroline Wilson Nov 24, 2023 AI Tools

Do you want to experience human-like responses from an AI chatbot? In that case, you can use Venus AI. If you want to ask something and get an answer, the tool is useful for you. Aside from that, there are more features you might be interested in when exploring the software. So, if you are interested in discovering new things from the software, it is your time to read this post. With that, you will get all the important knowledge about Venus AI.

Venus AI
Part 1. Complete Review of Venus AI
Part 2. How to Use Venus AI
Part 3. How to Record Chats with Venus AI Characters
Part 4. FAQs about Venus AI

Part 1. Complete Review of Venus AI

One of the AI-powered chatbots that allows users to have conversations with AI characters is the Venus AI. This software has a vast dataset that aids in acknowledging and creating responses to users. With this, it can make the conversation more real and engaging. Aside from that, the Venus AI is supported in different APIs. Some of these are Open AI and Kobold AI, which are more flexible and suitable for all users. In addition, the AI software enables users to chat with various AI characters, including Not Safe for Work (NSWF) and Safe for Work (SFW) characters. It offers various types of conversations, which makes it more perfect.

What makes it unique is that Venus AI is incomparable with other ordinary chatbots. It can handle sensitive conversations. It includes NSFW content, which you can’t find with others. The Venus AI lets users have uncensored discussions without concern regarding restrictions or censorship. Additionally, users can customize chat settings and select a character’s name, dialogue, behavior, and more. Furthermore, the software supports numerous languages, which makes it more accessible and understandable globally.

Review of Venus AI Software

Features and Applications

Integration with Multiple Models

The Venus AI allows its users to generate their own characters. It means that you can design a chatbot persona based on your preference. So, if you want to create your own chatbot, it would be nice to access the Venus AI software.

NSFW Chat Capabilities

Venus provides uncensored NSFW chats. With this type of feature, users can freely have a conversation they want, no matter what the discussion is all about, without any restrictions. For example, if you want to talk about something in private, Venus AI can still respond without telling you that the discussion is prohibited. This feature is hard to find in another chatbot, making Venus AI one of the most powerful chatbots in the market.

Exceptional Response Algorithm

The software uses great algorithms to ensure that every response is relevant, engaging, and accurate. With this, whatever the topic you have, Venus AI can ensure to give appropriate feedback.


◆ Free Version (with limited features)

◆ Mercury Plan - $5.00/monthly

◆ Mars Plan - $20.00/monthly


◆ Google Chrome

◆ Mozilla Firefox

◆ Microsoft Edge

◆ Safari

◆ Internet Explorer


Pros :
  • The software allows users to generate unique characters.
  • It lets users have an uncensored discussion, which is not available with other chatbots.
  • The AI offers various characters you can use or speak with.
  • The user interface is easy to understand.
  • It is accessible to almost all web platforms.
  • It has a free version to use.


Cons :
  • The software requires internet access.
  • It takes time for new users to familiarize some features and capabilities.
  • Subscribing the subscription plan of the AI chatbot is costly.
  • There are times when users experience occasional blocks.


The Venus AI software can be considered as one of the ultimate chatbots online. It is perfect for creating characters and speaking to AI with any topic and offers an easy user interface. So, if you are searching for the best chatbot, maybe the Venus AI might be useful for you. However, you deserve to know about its drawbacks. There are some circumstances when users experience blocks or restrictions, even if it has NSFW content. Also, the software requires internet access since it is a web-based software. But overall, we can tell that Venus AI is among the remarkable AI chatbots that can be helpful for users.

Part 2. How to Use Venus AI

If you are interested in using the Venus AI to speak with chatbots, well, this is your time to learn the methods. Without further ado, see the steps below to begin using the Venus AI.

Step 1

Go to the official website of Venus AI. Then, the software will require you to register or create an account. Once you are done, you can proceed to the next procedure.

Step 2

When you are on the main web page, you can click your preferred character to chat with. You will see various characters with various capabilities.

Select Preferred Character
Step 3

After that, you can click the Chat with (character’s name) button to begin having a conversation with a character. With that, you can already enjoy speaking with a chatbot.

Chat with the Character

Part 3. Record Chats with Venus AI Characters

Recording your chats with AI is also essential, especially when you want to preserve your discussions. In that case, you must have an amazing screen recorder. So, if you want to record your chats effectively, use the ArkThinker Screen Recorder. It is an offline screen recorder available for Windows and Mac computers. Its main function is to let users record what is on their computer screen. Also, its main interface is suitable for beginners since it has a simple layout and functions. In addition to that, it provides a Snapshot function that lets you capture the screen while recording. Plus, there are more functions you can use when using the ArkThinker Screen Recorder. You can record gameplay, record the phone screen, resize the screen, and more. Thus, if you want to start recording your chats with AI characters, download the program right away.

Arkthinker Record Chat Venus AI
ArkThinker Screen Recorder
  • It can record screens with audio on a computer.
  • The software is capable of recording gameplay, webcam, and window.
  • It offers a Snapshot feature to capture specific screens.
  • Record audio with great quality.
  • It can record the phone screen.
  • Capable of recording audio or microphone sound only.

Part 4. FAQs about Venus AI

Can Venus AI generate images?

Yes, it can. The Venus AI is not only good for giving good answers. It is also capable of generating images. With this, you can create your AI art and images effectively and perfectly.

Do Venus AI answers have high accuracy?

Absolutely, yes. In terms of accuracy, you can rely on Venus AI, especially when talking with AI chatbots. No matter what discussion you have, the AI chatbot will give you an accurate response.

Can you build an AI using the Venus AI API?

Yes, you can. The Venus AI API is available for utilization in both personal and commercial ventures as long as you comply with the stipulated terms and conditions.


As our final verdict, Venus AI is a useful tool you can rely on in terms of discussing any topic without any restrictions. You can even talk with various characters if you want. Also, suppose that you are interested in recording your conversation with a chatbot. The article introduced the ArkThinker Screen Recorder as your computer screen recorder. With the help of this program, you can easily get a record of your conversation and keep it for preservation.

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