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By Caroline Wilson Mar 29, 2024 AI Chat

In this modern world, there are various AI-powered tools you can encounter online, like Chatsonic. It was designed to give you satisfying assistance. It includes creating content, giving the latest data, and talking with an AI chatbot with different personalities. However, some users do not have enough idea about the software. If so, you must be destined to be in this article. Therefore, we encourage you to read this content to get more insight about Chatsonic.

Part 1. A Complete Introduction to Chatsonic AI
Part 2. Detailed Chatsonic Review
Part 3. Chatsonic AI vs. ChatGPT
Part 4. Best Tool to Record Conversation on Chatsonic AI
Part 5. FAQs about Chatsonic AI

Part 1. A Complete Introduction to Chatsonic AI

Chatsonic AI is an amazing and reliable conversational AI chatbot. It was designed to address the drawbacks and limitations of some AI chatbots, like ChatGPT. The Cahatsonic AI is based on the up-to-date GPT-4 model and uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) and ML (Machine Learning Technology). One of the main functions is to automate the image and text generation procedure. In addition to that, it is among the most exceptional AI chatbots worldwide. It can assist you instantly in finding the words you need, especially to express your ideas. You can also get a digital marketing strategy, generate AI images, content for Facebook ad copy, and more. In terms of speaking with a chatbot, Chatsonic AI is the perfect software. It can offer a great conversational human-like response for customer service operations. Aside from that, there are more features to utilize if you plan to use the Chatsonic AI. So, if you want to know more about its capabilities, you must read and proceed to the following sections below.

Introduction Chatsonic

Part 2. Detailed Chatsonic Review


Provide Up-to-date and Factual Information

Nowadays, obtaining legitimate and latest information is important. So, if you want to get accurate data, you must use the Chatsonic software. With the assistance of Google integration, the software can give and generate factual content and real-time information. In addition to that, with the help of NLP and Machine Learning, the software can create and generate appropriate ideas on updated trends, news, studies, and more. Therefore, no need to worry about obtaining reliable information. Chatsonic will be your best platform to get all the information you seek.

Provide Information

Provides Voice Command Feature

When creating content, one of the struggles you encounter is typing the words tediously. But, if you have Chatsonic, this challenge will be solved instantly. After accessing the Chatsonic, you will enjoy its Voice Command feature. This way, there is no need for you to type tediously. Through Natural Language Processing, the advanced AI chatbot can comprehend your voice command. You can compare it to Siri and Google Assistant. With that in mind, no need to search for the right words or phrases for creating your content. All you need is to give simple instructions to Chatsonic, and it will do the job for you.

Voice Command

Generate Images Quickly

If you are an artist, then you will understand how complicated it is to create digital art. There are various things you must learn, especially to obtain an amazing masterpiece. However, if you want to turn your imagination into reality, maybe the Chatsonic is the best software that may help you. One of its wonderful features is its capability to generate images. With just a single click, you can make captivating digital artwork, no matter what type it is. It can be abstract or realistic without even studying deeper about the complexities of art. For example, you want to generate an animal, like a cat with a hat. Then you must type “cat with a cat,” and then the Chatsonic will do the work for you.

Generate Image

Virtual Personal Assistant

Another great feature you may encounter when using Chatsonic is its conversational abilities. For example, if you want to solve math problems, then the Chatsonic is there for you. Well, when talking to a chatbot, especially on Chatsonic, you can choose what kind of personality the chatbot you want to talk to. It can be an interviewer, philosopher, mathematician, accountant, and many more personalities. Additionally, you can communicate with them without any limits. So, if you want to enjoy the chatbot’s capabilities, try it now.

Provide Human-like Conversation

If you have already tried talking with an AI chatbot before, maybe you have encountered some instances when you get inappropriate feedback. If that is the case, maybe the software is not perfect for the role. Thankfully, the Chatsonic can offer excellent conversational ability. It is capable of providing a more human-like conversation. When you try the software, you will realize that you are just speaking with an old friend. It can also respond with relevance to your topic and discussion. What’s more, it can remember your previous conversation, making you realize that you are just talking with a real human. With that, no need to bring up the same discussion.

AI Content Creation

Suppose that you want to create an engaging article for your study. In that case, the Chatsonic is capable of giving you all the details you need. For example, if you want to create an article about the “Technology Era,” you can put it on Chatsoonice and wait for a few seconds to create an article. After that, you can check if the generated articles suit you. Aside from that, Chatsonic can generate more, such as ads, emails, cover letters, video scripts, and more.

AI Content Creation


Pros :
  • The interface of the software is easy to navigate and perfect for non-professional and advanced users.
  • The AI chatbot has various personalities to use based on your needs.
  • It is available to all websites, and the Google Chrome extension makes it more accessible.
  • The software has a free version and offers 10,000 words per month.
  • The AI is also accessible to mobile phone devices.
  • It can generate text, images, content, and more.
  • Speech-to-text and text-to-speech features are available.
  • The AI art is integrated.
  • It offers a Chrome extension.


Cons :
  • The free version has limitations. It only offers 10,000 words monthly.
  • The plans of Chatsonic are purchasable but expensive.
  • It is unsuitable for visual content such as infographics and videos.
  • The software’s output is not perfectly precise and needs editing.
  • There are times when you can’t get the image you want by describing them.

Real Users Comments

Various users already tried using the Chatsonic software. All of them gave their review and comment about Chatsonic. It is proven that Chatsonic has what it takes to be called an exceptional AI-powered technology. It can offer the latest information, generate content, give an outline for an article, and more. Some users say that Chatsonic is a game changer for their marketing work. Aside from that, Chatsonic is simple to operate, making it a perfect AI tool for all users, especially beginners.

Therefore, if you haven’t tried the software yet, get the opportunity to explore more about it and make your tasks easier during the operation.

Part 3. Chatsonic AI vs. ChatGPT

In the world of artificial intelligence, various chatbots have become great assistants for various applications, from generating content to customer service. In this field, there are various software showing up with powerful, cutting-edge language models. Also, if you are aware of the AI-powered chatbot, then maybe you know about Chatsonic and ChatGPT. But do you know what is best to use? If not yet, you must read the information below and see for yourself what AI chatbot suits you.

Ease of Use

When using the Chatsonic, you can already encounter its user firefly interface, making it simple to operate. Also, its functions are organized, so you can find every function you need. On the other hand, ChatGPT has a complicated user interface. It takes time for users to use the chatbot.

Content Generation

Chatsonic is capable of generating both images and text content. With this, if you want to get your objective, Chatsonic is the right software. In terms of ChatGPT, it is not capable of generating images. It only focuses on producing text-based outputs.

Providing Data

ChatGPT has some issues when providing information. It offers outdated information, which can be misleading. In contrast, Chatsonic can provide up-to-date information. This way, the data you might get is factual and in a real-time frame.

ChatGPT and Chatsonic Pricing

The Chatsonic has a free version that limits the word up to 10,000 words per month. If you want to add the word limit, you must purchase a subscription plan, which costs $20 per month. The CHatGPT can offer unlimited usage for free. Its pricing is based on API usage, which varies depending on your usage and needs. The Plus subscription also costs $20 a month.

Part 4. Best Tool to Record Conversation on Chatsonic AI

When recording your chats with an AI, it is better to choose an exceptional screen recorder. It is because a screen recorder can play a crucial role in preserving your conversation. Some programs can’t keep your records, and some of them crash immediately. In that case, you can use the ArkThinker Screen Recorder. If you want to record your conversation with an AI, this offline can help you. After you launch the program, you can begin recording your screen without any hassle. Also, the recording process is simple, which is ideal for users. It has an appealing user interface that can be understandable to users. In addition to that, ArkThnker Screen Recorder can capture your computer screen using the Snapshot feature. This way, you can have both images and videos you can keep about the conversation you have with Chatsonic.

Arkthinker Record Conversation Chatsonic

Part 5. FAQs about Chatsonic AI

Why is ChatGPT better than Chatsonic?

ChatGPT is better than Chatsonic in some ways. If your purpose is to write code, we can tell that ChatGPT is more helpful than Chatsonic. Its free version also has no word limit, making it an amazing AI chatbot. However, some measures show that Chatsonic is better than ChatGPT. It includes the user interface, content generation, providing the latest information, and more.

What is the difference between ChatGPT Plus and Chatsonic?

The only difference they have is that ChatGPT Plus is capable of generating code, which is useful for IT. In contrast, Chatsonic is not capable of creating code. But, in terms of usability, the Chatsonic has an advantage since it offers a simple layout that everyone can operate.

Does Chatsonic use GPT-4?

Definitely, yes. Chatsonic uses a GPT-4 model. With this, you can tell that Chatsonic is the upgraded version of ChatGPT. It can also offer various AI personalities and supports numerous languages.

Can Chatsonic write code?

Unfortunately, no. Chatsonic is not capable of generating code for users. So, if you want to create a code, it is better to use another software like CHatGPT Plus.

Is Chatsonic safe?

Yes, it is. When using Chatsonic, you can ensure that your data is secured. Also, your information won’t be shared with others. With that, you can use the Chatsonic if you want to create content, generate images, talk with AI, and more.


As a bottom line, Chatsonic is a powerful AI that can assist you with your needs. No matter if you want to create captivating content, generate images, look for the latest information, and more, you can rely on Chatsonic. In addition, if you want to capture and record your conversation with an AI chatbot, feel free to use the ArkThinker Screen Recorder. It has a hassle-free way to record your conversations. Also, it offers an intuitive and straightforward user interface that is workable for all users.

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