How to Remove Watermark from DeviantArt Images and Videos on Computer and Phone

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DeviantArt is an online community platform that allows you to exhibit, promote, and share your artwork with others. It serves as a social networking platform for artists of various disciplines, including digital art, traditional art, photography, and more. However, when you download some videos or images from this website, you may find there are some watermarks in the files. To remove the watermark, you can ask the content creator to erase it, or you can use the watermark remover tools. The latter is what we shall talk about in this post: 3 ways to remove DeviantArt Watermark from images and videos.

DeviantArt Watermark Remover
Part 1. Free DeviantArt Image Watermark Remover Online [Best for Beginners]
Part 2. DeviantArt Video Watermark Remover for Windows/Mac
Part 3. DeviantArt Watermark Remover for iOS/Android
Part 4. FAQs of DeviantArt Watermark Remover

Part 1. Free DeviantArt Image Watermark Remover Online ]Best for Beginners]

When you get free templates from DeviantArt mockups or designs, the free templates often come with limitations, such as watermark, lower resolution, or fewer customization options. To get rid of the watermark, you need to purchase or subscribe to DeviantArt's services.For those seeking a hassle-free solution to remove watermarks from their DeviantArt images, such online tools as ArkThinker Watermark Remover Online.

This online tool is designed to remove DeviantArt watermarks effortlessly. It enables you to eliminate both text and image watermarks from DeviantArt images. Powered by advanced AI technology, it intelligently fills in the removed watermark area using surrounding details to restore the original image seamlessly.

It is free and web-based, and no need for downloads or plug-in installations for handling JPG, JPEG, and PNG files. It's user-friendly, making it an ideal choice for beginners seeking to remove DeviantArt watermarks at no cost.

Step 1

Access this online DeviantArt watermark remover tool via your computer or mobile browser. Simply click the Add File to Start button to upload the DeviantArt image containing the watermark. To surpass the 5MB upload limit for DeviantArt images, registration with this tool is required.

Note: If your image file size is more than 5MB, you need to sign up with it.

Add DeviantArt Watermarked Picture
Step 2

Use the brush tool to mark the areas where the watermark is present.

For enhanced precision, consider zooming in on the image. Once all watermark areas are accurately marked, click Remove to start the removal process.

You can repeat this step as necessary until you're satisfied with the quality of the output image. Additionally, the eraser tool is available to correct any inaccuracies in your selections.

Select DeviantArt Watermark Area
Step 3

After the successful removal of the DeviantArt watermark from your uploaded photo, simply click the Download button to save the edited DeviantArt image without any watermarks.

Remove DeviantArt Watermark Online

Part 2. DeviantArt Video Watermark Remover for Windows/Mac

Regarding the removal of watermarks from DeviantArt videos, desktop software emerges as a reliable solution. ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate is the desktop tool that can help you.

It offers you access to a diverse array of tools, totaling over 20 in its toolbox. One of these utilities is a video watermark remover that works with Mac and Windows computers. Adopted the advanced AI technology, it effectively removes watermarks from DeviantArt videos by intelligently filling the removed areas with nearby colors to maintain the original video quality.

Furthermore, it empowers users to adjust the start and end points of the video, enabling precise removal of DeviantArt watermarks at their discretion. Additionally, it facilitates the removal of multiple watermarks within a single video, ensuring the resulting file is clear and watermark-free.

Step 1

First, you should download and install the DeviantArt video watermark remover tool on your Windows or Mac computer.

Then, open it up and head to the Toolbox tab, where you will find the Video Watermark Remover tool.

Select Video Watermark Remover
Step 2

Next, click on the big plus icon to import your DeviantArt video, which has a watermark, into the software.

Add DeviantArt Video File
Step 3

Now, to remove the watermark from my video, just click on the Add watermark removing area option on the left side and use your mouse to adjust the frame to cover the area where the DeviantArt watermark is.

If there are more watermarks, you should repeat the process, ensuring all of them are selected accurately.

Additionally, you can tweak the starting and ending times of the video using the playback processing bar to decide precisely when you want the watermark removed.

Add DeviantArt Watermark Area
Step 4

Once you have set everything up, select the desired output format by clicking the dropdown option labeled Output.

Then, with a final click on Export, the software starts deleting the DeviantArt watermark from your video.

Remove DeviantArt Watermark from Video

Now that the DeviantArt watermark is gone, you can use this video freely as you wish. This tool also supports GIFs, and you can remove watermarks.

Part 3. DeviantArt Watermark Remover for iOS/Android

Also, the DeviantArt watermark removal tools on iOS and Android platforms are not hard. Whether you're on the go or prefer the convenience of your smartphone or tablet, these mobile applications cater to your needs. One of the tools is TouchRetouch. It is a well-known mobile application to get rid of the DeviantArt watermark from your images on your iPhone and Android phone.

Step 1

Free download and launch the TouchRetouch app on your iPhone or Android phone. From your smartphone's gallery, choose the DeviantArt photo with the watermark or make a new one if needed.

Step 2

Click on the Object tool, which is typically indicated by a brush icon, in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. Brush the region with the DeviantArt watermark with your finger.

Step 3

Evaluate the result after erasing the watermark. To check for any anomalies or regions that need more adjusting, enlarge the image.

Step 4

Press the Apply button to validate the modifications if you're happy with the outcome. Save the edited DeviantArt photo to the gallery on your mobile device.

Remove Deviant Watermark in TouchRetouch App

Part 4. FAQs of DeviantArt Watermark Remover

Is it legal to use a watermark remover on DeviantArt?

While DeviantArt encourages users to respect copyright and intellectual property rights, the removal of watermarks solely for personal use may not violate any terms of service. However, it's crucial to exercise discretion and ensure that the artwork in question is not subject to copyright or licensing restrictions.

Can I use the DeviantArt watermark remover on artwork created by others?

It's essential to respect the rights of fellow artists and refrain from altering or redistributing their work without permission. Using a watermark remover on artwork created by others may constitute copyright infringement and is not advisable.

Are there any limitations to using online watermark removal tools?

While online tools offer convenience, they may have limitations regarding file size, format compatibility, and processing speed. Furthermore, the efficacy of the removal technique and the intricacy of the watermark may have an impact on the output quality.


Images on DeviantArt usually have watermarks attached to them to safeguard the creators' intellectual property. However, some individuals may seek to remove watermarks from images for various reasons. This article shares 3 methods to remove the DeviantArt watermark from images and videos. Whether through online tools, desktop software, or mobile applications, you can select whatever method according to your needs.

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