A Legitimate Review of Perplexity AI: Unleash its Capabilities

By Caroline Wilson Dec 20, 2023 AI Tools

A reliable search engine is needed to acquire factual information. With that, it is recommended to use a remarkable search engine like Perplexity AI. It can give relevant information, answers to certain questions, summarize contents, and more. Also, this software can be helpful for users in terms of generating content. But there are more important details you must learn about the tool. So, if you are interested in exploring Perplexity AI, grab the chance to read the post.

Perplexity AI Review
Part 1. Review on Perplexity AI
Part 2. User’s Feedback and Real-Life Application
Part 3. Top 2 AI Perplexity Alternatives
Part 4. Effective Way to Record Perplexity AI Talk
Part 5. FAQs about Perplexity AI Review

Part 1. Review on Perplexity AI

What is Perplexity AI?

The Perplexity AI is an AI chat-based conversational search engine. It can help you find detailed information on every topic you want to open. Also, the process of providing related information is too fast, which makes it a reliable and powerful tool. In addition, Perplexity AI is powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 embedded with a large language model. It also uses Machine learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing. Its main goal is to provide accurate and precise answers to certain questions. Plus, it has great features that give you access to GPT-4 without any payment.

Moreover, Perplexity offers a chatbot-like interface. It means users can ask various questions using a natural language. Then, the AI will respond in a natural language, making it understandable for all users. It also lets users ask follow-up questions to dig deeper into the discussion. Perplexity AI’s developer claims that the tool is more accurate compared with others. One of its sentiments is the user's review. But that’s not all. The software has more capabilities than you imagine. To discover all of them, you must get all the features and functions below.

What is Perplexity

Features and Functions

Answer and Search Engine

Perplexity AI aims to give users clear and detailed answers. The software searches the internet to find answers to users' questions. Also, it can display the source of information it offers. Plus, the Perplexity AI is among the best chatbots you can encounter. It will give you a response that makes you feel that you are talking to a real human. Moreover, the answer and chat engine is free. It means that you don’t have to create an account to operate it. But, if you want to use more features, creating an account is highly recommended. You can ask this software all the questions and get all the information you need.

Edit Questions

Another useful feature you might encounter is its capability to let you edit your question. Well, some users are not satisfied when getting an answer. In that case, it is best to reword the questions and edit them until the desired answer appears. So, if you want to change the question you inserted, you are free to edit and change the question easily and quickly.

Curated Sources

If you are an account holder of the software, then you will find this feature. Perplexity AI allows you to edit the sources that can be relied upon in certain searches. It allows users to curate their threads to be realistic and truthful. In addition, users can edit the information given by the AI and eliminate wrong information, focus more on facts than opinions, and more.

Content Generation

Perplexity AI is a reliable tool designed to create remarkable content. To get it, you need to come up with ideas, give useful information, and offer advice. This feature combines Natural Language Processing with Machine Learning to analyze text data. With this, the software can help users to generate content and fresh concepts.

Summarize Web Page Content

For enhancing your browsing experience, the best aid is the Perplexity AI Chrome extension. After accessing the extension, it will summarize the webpage instantly. From the toolbar, you can insert the questions and get the answer in just a few seconds.

Problem-Solving Capability

Perplexity AI is a powerful online tool that can assist you with your analysis, tasks, writing, research, and more. It can provide complete information, suggestions, and solutions for summarizing sources. With this feature, users can get all the information they need and solve all problems without encountering any major challenges.

Language Model

Perplexity AI uses a Large Language Model (LLM). It is like OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Its main aim is to understand and generate responses to the questions of users. The Large Language Model was trained on a lot of text data. It can give responses that seem human.

Pros :
  • The tool can create content based on users' preferences.
  • It is focused on facts rather than opinion.
  • The tool is simple and easy to use, which can give easy time for all users.
  • It has more features to offer than ChatGPT.
  • It can integrate with powerful AI models like GPT-4 and Claude to improve content quality.
  • The tool can offer a human-like response.
  • It offers a chatbot feature that has the same appearance as the main interface of Perplexity AI.
Cons :
  • The free version of Perplexity AI is very limited compared with ChatGPT.
  • It is suitable for comparing large-scale datasets.
  • It requires internet access to operate the AI tool.
  • Purchasing the subscription plan is expensive.

Part 2. User’s Feedback and Real-Life Application

User’s Feedback

Perplexity AI is an amazing tool that can summarize a particular content. Also, it has an excellent chatbot that can give all the answers to the user's queries. Perplexity is a top AI tool. It can create content, solve problems, and more. But, some users didn’t like the tool’s performance. Some say that ChatGPT is better at providing answers to general knowledge-based questions. Overall, we can tell that Perplexity AI is among the most helpful AI-powered tools to use on the internet.

Real-Life Applications

◆ The popular use of the software is for creating SEO-optimized content. With this, some content can rank higher in search engines.

◆ Another use of Perplexity AI is producing long-form articles up to 3000 words.

◆ When looking for detailed information, Perplexity AI can offer all the data you need.

Part 3. Top 2 AI Perplexity Alternatives

If you are looking for another software that has the same capability as Perplexity AI, then we are here to help you. In this section, we will provide the best two Perplexity AI alternatives to use.

1. Bing AI

Bing AI Alternative

The best alternative to Perplexity AI is Bing AI. It was developed by Microsoft, which acts as a chatbot and search engine. Its objective is to offer more personalized, related results to its users while learning from searches. With the help of this software, you can get information by asking questions. You can also use the tool for summarizing content, generating written content and stories, planning projects, and more. However, there are some drawbacks you might find while using the software. There are times when Bing can give relevant results for complex queries.

2. Komo

Komo AI Alternative

Another free Perplexity AI Alternative to use is Komo. This tool is one of many search engines. Users can ask questions and find news articles and digital content. In addition, Komo has a chatbot feature for users to talk about specific topics. With this, you can chat, explore, and search using a single tool. However, there are some disadvantages when using Komo. The user interface of the software is not ideal for beginners. It contains complicated structures that may confuse users. Also, some features are not working well.

Part 4. Effective Way to Record Perplexity AI Talk

When using the Perplexity AI, you can get various information you need. Also, you can even talk with a chatbot for some purposes. Sometimes, you need to jot down notes and save the conversation on your computer. In that case, the best solution is to use a simple yet perfect screen recorder like ArkThinker Screen Recorder. If you are not yet aware of the tool, let us give you a simple introduction. The Arkthinker Screen Recorder is a program that can record your computer screen. With this, you can record your computer, windows, webcam, gameplay, and more with audio. With that, you can tell that recording your talk with Perplexity is useful when using this offline recorder. Recording the screen is easy because the interface is clear and the steps are simple. Plus, it is accessible on both Windows and Mac computers. So, follow the simple procedure below to record your screen while using Perplexity AI.

Step 1

Download and install the ArkThinker Screen Recorder program on your computer. Then, launch the screen recorder to view the main interface and begin the recording process.

Step 2

Then, click the Window option and select the screen you want to record.

Click the Window Option
Step 3

After that, click the Record button from the right interface. Then, there will be a 3-second countdown that tells you that the recording process is soon to begin.

Click the Record Button
Step 4

When done recording, you can click the Stop button from your screen. After that, the preview will appear. If you are satisfied with the result, you can click the Done button from the lower interface.

Click the Stop Done Button

Part 5. FAQs about Perplexity AI Review

What are the advanced features of Perplexity AI Pro?

One of the best advanced features you can encounter using the Perplexity AI Pro is it gives you access to the latest model from Anthropic and OpenAI. With that, you can do analyzing, coding, summarizing, and writing content.

Is Perplexity based on ChatGPT?

No, it is not. The Perplexity AI is based on OpenAI technology and trained as an excellent chatbot. With this AI-powered tool, users can get information in every question they insert. Also, Perplexity has more features to offer, including its capability as an excellent search engine. With this, if you want detailed and latest information, especially for research purposes, Perplexity is helpful.

How reliable is Perplexity AI?

The Perplexity can offer you various features you can enjoy. It includes generating written content, answering simple and complex questions, and searching for more information. So, you can tell that the software is reliable due to its various capabilities to offer to its users.

Is there a Perplexity app?

Fortunately, yes. If you want to use perplexity on your mobile phone, you can do so. The Perplexity is workable on both Android and iPhone, making it the most accessible AI-powered tool.

How does Perplexity AI work?

With the help of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 embedded with the Large Language model, the software can work accurately. It also uses Natural Language (NLP) and machine learning techniques. With that, Perplexity can provide accurate and clear answers to every question.


As our final verdict, Perplexity AI is an astonishing AI-powered tool perfect for searching, generating, and summarizing. Also, you can use the alternatives we provided if you want to use more AI tools for your own purposes. In addition, if you want to record your discussion with Perplexity on your computer, use the ArkThinker Screen Recorder. With the assistance of the screen recorder, you can have your record for further preservation.

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