How to Remove Person from Photo on Computer and Mobile

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In the most popular social media like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., images are very popular apart from short videos. Visuals play a crucial role in conveying powerful messages. However, there are times when you need to focus on the scenery or product without distractions. This is where the art of removing individuals from photos comes into play. In this article, we'll share 3 methods to remove people from your pictures to achieve flawless results.

Remove People from Photos
Part 1. How to Remove People from Photos with Best Online Tool
Part 2. How to Remove Persons from Pictures on iPhone and Android
Part 3. How to Remove People on Windows or Mac in Photoshop
Part 4. FAQs of Removing People from Photos

Part 1. How to Remove People from Photos with Best Online Tool

If you do not want to download any app or software, an online tool to remove a person from an image is right for you. ArkThinker Free Watermark Remover Online is an AI-powered remover to erase people from your photos. From a user-friendly interface, you just need three steps to remove the person. Moreover, it lets change your photo background and put what person or objects in your image.

Follow the steps below to remove people from pictures online effortlessly:

Step 1

Upload your photo with the person you wish to get rid of on ArkThinker Free Watermark Remover Online. Just launch our easy-to-use application in your browser, select your photo, and click the Add File to Convert button. It's quite easy!

Upload a Photo With People
Step 2

Create your masterpiece by deftly selecting the person's area with the Brush tool. You need to select that carefully. Then click the Remove button to make the person vanish.

Remove Person from Photo in Arkthinker
Step 3

Repeat the removal procedure till you are completely happy with the effect. Then, erase the person and export and save your original, high-quality shot by simply clicking the Download button.

Download Image Without Person in Arkthinker

This online tool is completely free! It's not necessary to sign up. Without any difficulty, you can download your perfect photograph. A dependable internet connection is all that is required for preparation. If there's a hiccup, don't panic; just go on to the next part.

Part 2. Remove Persons from Pictures on iPhone and Android

Mobile devices have become indispensable in our daily lives, and photo editing is no exception. Here, you can remove individuals from your pictures using apps available on both iPhone and Android platforms. YouCam Perfect is the application that works.

It is a photo editing and selfie camera app developed by Perfect Corp. It is available for both iOS and Android devices for enhancing and editing photos. It includes the AI Removal tool that that allows users to remove unwanted objects or persons from their photos.

The steps of deleting the person from a picture are pretty easy.

Step 1

Download YouCam Perfect, this person remover application on your iOS or Android device in just a few seconds.

Step 2

Go to Photo Edit, select AI Removal, and use the brush to draw on the people you want to remove. Adjust the brush size with the slider for precise removal.

Step 3

Click Apply after drawing over the subjects you want to remove. If needed, use the back arrow to edit the photo again.

Step 4

Save your edited photo without unwanted people. Then, you can share it on Instagram, TikTok, or your favorite social media app.

Remove People from Image on Mobile

This mobile app is easy to use, but it will leave a watermark from your image after getting rid of the person.

Part 3. How to Remove People on Windows or Mac in Photoshop

For those who seek precision and control, Photoshop remains the go-to solution. It offers various tools to remove people from photos on both Windows and Mac computers, such as the content-aware fill, the clone stamp tool, or the lasso tool. Here, we will focus on the Content-Aware Fill tool in Photoshop to get the person to disappear from a photo.

Step 1

Open Adobe Photoshop and load the image containing the person you want to remove.

Step 2

Utilize a selection tool, such as the lasso tool, polygonal lasso tool, or quick selection tool, to precisely outline the targeted person.

If you want to remove a sticker from an image, here, just follow the steps.

Select the Person in Photoshop
Step 3

After selecting the person, navigate to the Edit menu at the top and opt for Content-Aware Fill.

Content Aware Fill in Photoshop
Step 4

In the Content-Aware Fill workspace, a preview of the fill will be displayed. Adjust settings like the sampling area, color adaptation, and rotation adaptation for a seamless result. Utilize the Preview option to preview the changes.

Adjust Settings in Photoshop

Once the settings are adjusted, click the Generate Fill button to implement Content-Aware Fill. Photoshop will intelligently fill the selected area based on the surrounding content.

Step 5

Preview the outcome and make refinements if necessary. Additional tools like the clone stamp tool or healing brush tool may be required to address any remaining artifacts or imperfections.

Remove Person from Photo in Photoshop

Once you are satisfied with the result, save your edited image.

Remove Person from Photo Done in Photoshop

Remember that Photoshop is the best option when you require a more accurate result. However, it is not affordable for all of us, and the steps are not easy to follow for beginners.

Part 4. FAQs of Removing People from Photos

Can I remove a person or object from a picture?

If you have the legal authority to alter the picture, you can indeed delete a person or item from it.

Do you need permission to take a picture of someone?

Generally speaking, the situation, the place, and the regulations that apply in your area will determine whether or not snapping a picture of someone is lawful. People have a low expectation of privacy in public places; thus, taking pictures without permission may be lawful in some cases.

Can Photoshop remove a person from a photo?

Yes, in Adobe Photoshop, there are several tools and features you can use to remove a person from a photo. Here are some of the key tools and techniques: Selection Tools, Content-Aware Fill, Clone Stamp Tool, Healing Brush Tool, Patch Tool, Pen Tool, Layer Masks, and Refine Edge/Select and Mask.


Learning how to remove people from photos opens up various opportunities to create visually stunning content. Whether you use online tools, mobile apps, or professional software, pick a method that suits your needs and skills. Hope the above 3 methods can help you enhance your visuals and engage your audience with compelling images.

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