How to Flip a Video on iPhone without Losing Video Quality

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This guide will tell you how to flip a video on iPhone. Flipping a video typically means turning it upside down. In a vertical flip, the top switches with the bottom. In a horizontally flip, the left side switches to the right side. This video effect is also known as the creation of a mirror image of the original footage.

Today, more and more people record videos with smartphones, like iPhones. However, the Apple smart devices are far more than a simple video recorder. It also allows you to retouch your videos, such as flipping a video.

Flip a Video on iPhone
Part 1: How to Flip a Video on iPhone
Part 2: The Easiest Way to Flip an iPhone Video with a Computer
Part 3: FAQs about Flipping a Video on iPhone

Part 1: How to Flip a Video on iPhone

Way 1: How to Flip a Video on iPhone in Photos

In the past, you can only trim a video on iPhone in the Photos app. Since the latest updates, Apple has added more features about video editing into the Photos app. In another word, you can flip a video horizontally on your iPhone without third-party apps.

Flip Video Photos
Step 1

Run your Photos app from the home screen, locate the video that you want to flip, and open it.

Step 2

Tap the Edit button to enter the video editor screen, and choose the Crop and Rotation icon at the bottom.

Step 3

There are two icons in the upper left corner, and the left one is Flip. Tap it and the video will be flipped horizontally.

Step 4

Press the Done button to confirm the changes and save the flipped video to iPhone.

Way 2: How to Flip a Video on iPhone with Video Rotate + Flip

The built-in Photos app can only flip a video horizontally. If you intend to flip a video vertically on iPhone, you will need a third-party video editor, such as Video Rotate + Flip. As its name indicated, it is a dedicated app to rotate and flip a video.

Video Rotate Flip
Step 1

Open the video editor app. You can download it from App Store for free.

Step 2

Tap the arrow icon to open your Camera Roll, and select the target video.

Step 3

Then you will see the tools at the top of the screen. Tap the FlipV icon and the top of the video will switch to the bottom.

Step 4

Finally, press the SAVE VIDEO TO LIBRARY button to export the flipped video to iPhone.

Part 2: The Easiest Way to Flip an iPhone Video with a Computer

If you have a computer, it is a good idea to flip your iPhone videos with a large screen. Plus, video editing requires large space and a lot of resources. iPhone is not a nice place to retouch long videos. ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate is the best choice to flip a video for average people without many technical skills.

Key Features of the Best Video Editor
  • Flip iPhone videos on a computer with one click.
  • Support all video formats, including MOV, MP4, etc.
  • Keep the video and audio quality while editing.
  • Offer a wide range of bonus tools.

How to Rotate an iPhone Video on PC

Step 1

Import video

Download the video that you want to flip to your computer. Launch the best video editor after you install it on your PC. There is another version for Mac. Head to the Toolbox tab from the top ribbon, and choose the Video Rotator tool. Then drag and drop the iPhone video onto the interface to open it directly.

Step 2

Flip iPhone video

After video imports, locate the Rotation section. Click the Flip Horizontally or Flip Vertically button to flip the iPhone video. You can see the effect in the Output pane in real-time.

Rotate Video
Step 3

Save video

At last, set the filename, output format, and location folder at the bottom. As long as you click the Export button, the flipped iPhone video will be saved to your hard drive.

Export Rotated Video

Part 3: FAQs about Flipping a Video on iPhone

How to flip a video with iMovie on iPhone?

Sorry, you cannot flip a video using iMovie for iOS. iMovie for Mac includes the ability to flip a video, but the iOS app does not offer such ability.

Can I flip the front camera on my iPhone?

You can mirror the front camera on iPhone running iOS 14 and later.

Is flipping a video the same as mirroring a video?

Mirroring a video means flipping it horizontally, but flipping a video may also mean flipping it vertically.


This tutorial discussed how to flip a video on iPhone with or without a computer. For mobile-first, the Photos app and third-party video editors can do the job quickly. ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful tool to flip an iPhone video with a computer. If you encounter other troubles, please feel free to contact us by leaving your message below this post.

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