Is ElevenLabs AI A Worthy Voice Clone AI? A Complete Discussion

By Caroline Wilson Dec 20, 2023 AI Tools

Do you want to add a voiceover to your videos or tell a story from a book with less hassle? Then, you must use the ElevenLabs AI software. It is an AI voice generator that has a text-to-speech feature that makes it easier to create voiceovers digitally. So, if you want to get enough knowledge about this AI tool, we encourage you to take a glimpse at this review. We will tackle everything about ElevenLabs AI.

ElevenLabs AI Review
Part 1. Explore ElevenLabs AI
Part 2. Features and AI-Powered Solution
Part 3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Data Analysis
Part 4. Convert ElevenLabs Voice Files
Part 5. FAQs about ElevenLabs AI Review

Part 1. Explore ElevenLabs AI

What is ElevenLabs AI?

ElevenLabs is an AI-powered tool that does lots of things. You can use it for making a talking computer friend, reading stories out loud, or making really good voices for your videos. It talks in 28 languages, so it works almost everywhere. Plus, it's not just about the number of languages; it's also about how good it sounds in each one. The computer can talk like a person, with the right feelings and tones. It's not a boring robot voice; it's like a friend talking to you. The computer magic in this tool is super new and fancy. They're always working on making it even better. But if you're just starting with computer stuff, it might be a little hard at first. There are some tricky things to learn, especially if you're new to computer talk and making voices with machines. So, with its capabilities, you can clone your voice in just a few steps.

ElevenLabs AI Explore


ElevenLabs AI is accessible on various web platforms, making it an always-available software. You can use this tool on Google, Edge, Explorer, Safari, Opera, and more. With that, no matter what device you use, as long as you have your browser, you can instantly access the software.


The software offers various plans you can use when purchasing. It also offers a free plan version if you want to try and experience the tool’s functionalities. To know more about the plans, you can see the information below.

Free Plan - $0.00/monthly

What’s included:

◆ Speech Synthesis

◆ 10,000 characters per month

◆ Create 3 custom voices

◆ Make random voices

◆ Access shared voices

◆ Generate speech in 29 languages

◆ High-quality audio outputs.

Starter Plan - $5.00/monthly

What’s included:

◆ Everything in the Free Plan

◆ 30,000 characters monthly

◆ Make 10 custom voices

◆ Commercial license

◆ Instant voice cloning

Creator Plan - $22.00/monthly

What’s included:

◆ Everything in the Starter Plan

◆ Create 30 custom voices

◆ 100,000 total characters per month

◆ 2 hours of generated audio

◆ Professional Voice Cloning

◆ Access to Projects

Part 2. Features and AI-Powered Solution

As we have told you earlier, there are various features you can find when using the ElevenLabs AI tool. So, if you want to learn them one by one, it is best to proceed with the information below. We will provide all the great features to use that can let users have a satisfying experience.

ElevenLabs AI Text-to-Speech Feature

If you want to create voice output without recording your own voice, then use the ElevenLabs AI. One of its helpful features is to generate voice from the text. With this, you don’t need to use your own voice when recording. For example, you have a certain book and want to tell a story. Then, the best thing to do is to insert the text from the tool and let the AI-powered tool do the work. Moreover, the text-to-speech feature is not just producing voices. It will also offer an excellent audio quality that may satisfy users when using the software.

Support 29 Languages

Do you have e-books in your computer library, but it was written in a different language? In that case, it would be helpful to use the ElevenLabs AI. It supports various languages that may help you translate the content easily and instantly. Some of the languages it supports are English, Croatian, Korean, Portuguese, Malay, Hindi, Slovak, Filipino, Danish, Ukrainian, Swedish, Japanese, and more. So, if you are struggling with how to translate some of the text from the book that you can’t understand, worry no more. The ElevenLabs AI can be the best AI-powered solution to use to get a better understanding of the content.


The ElevenLabs AI is also capable of dubbing voices. It is an automatic solution for making dubs in various languages that the AI supports. Plus, it keeps both the original voice and is capable of retaining the same performance across languages.

ElevenLabs AI Voice Design Feature

The Voice Design feature lets you pick if you want a boy's or a girl's voice. It includes how old they sound and what kind of accent they have. But it might take a few tries to find the perfect one. When you're copying a voice, you need to think about how the computer learned to talk to get a good copy. It's important to care more about how clear and good the voice sounds than how long it talks. To improve clarity, speak at a moderate pace without background noise or echoes.

Part 3. Advantages and Disadvantages for Data Analysis

Pros :
  • The AI-powered tool can analyze data properly to give an accurate result in generating voice.
  • It lets users create digital clones of their voice.
  • After analyzing the data, the software will produce a helpful speech with excellent audio quality.
  • It is suitable for getting realistic voiceovers for projects, different characters, collaborating with other users, and more.
Cons :
  • The tool can be used for malicious purposes.
  • When analyzing the data or text for generating speech, some of the output is not accurate.

Real User’s Comments

When it comes to user experience, some of them praise the ElevenLabs AI because of its satisfying performance. Users love the high-quality of generated voices. Additionally, ElevenLabs’ user interface is easy to navigate and operate. It is simple to generate voices and change desired languages. The tool is also affordable, where you can get a big discount, especially for new users. However, some users didn't like the tool’s performance. There are times when generating speech from text, some of the results are not accurate. Also, when using the free plan version, it is important to consider the character used since it supports 10,000 characters per month.

Part 4. Convert ElevenLabs Voice Files

After you download the voiceover from the text on ElevenLabs AI, it may be incompatible with other devices. So, if you want to solve its compatibility issue, the best way is to convert the audio or voice file to various formats. If you are looking for an excellent audio converter, the ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate has your back. This offline audio converter allows you to transcode your audio into various audio files. It includes MP3, AAC, AC3, M4A, FLAC, and more formats. In terms of the conversion process, it has simple ways that allow all users, especially beginners, to operate the converter. Additionally, it provides a batch conversion feature that may help you convert multiple audio files simultaneously. Moreover, before proceeding to the conversion process, you can make some changes to your file. ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate lets you adjust the audio volume and the delay based on your needs. In terms of accessibility, you can utilize the program on both Mac and Windows, so no need to worry about what OS you must use. If you want to know more features to use, you can see the information below. Then, we’ll help you convert your ElevenLabs voice files using the method we provided.

ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate
  • It can convert audio to various audio formats.
  • It can edit audio’s volume and delay.
  • It supports audio file batch conversion.
  • The program supports editing functions, MV Creator, GIF Maker, and more.
Step 1

First, access the offline program by downloading the ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate. Then, after installing the program, launch it to begin the voice file conversion process.

Step 2

Go to the upper interface and click the Converter section. Then, click the Plus and select the voice file from your computer folder.

Select Voice File
Step 3

Next, from the right interface, click the Convert All to option and select your desired audio file format.

Select Audio File Format
Step 4

If you want to adjust the audio’s volume and delay, go to the Edit button. After making some changes, click OK.

Adjust Audio Volume Delay
Step 5

Once you are done, you can begin the conversion procedure by clicking the Convert All button.

Audio Conversion Convert All

Part 5. FAQs about ElevenLabs AI Review

Does ElevenLab's voice cloning sound real?

Absolutely, yes. When using the voice cloning feature of ElevenLab AI, you will feel like the voice came from a real human. With this feature, you can generate and clone voice, which can be engaging for all users.

Does ElevenLabs store data?

Definitely, yes. The ElevenLabs store your data for good purposes. It stores your files to ensure that no one can access them, especially from other users. Also, if you want to remove your data from the software, you can request it, and it will be deleted permanently.

Can you access ElevenLabs on mobile?

ElevenLabs is accessible not only on computers but also on mobile phones. With that, you can use the tool for generating voice on your phone.

Is there an ElevenLabs free alternative?

Yes, there is. Aside from ElevenLabs AI, there is more text-to-speech software to use for generating voiceovers. It includes RHVoice, eSpeak, NaturalReader, Real-time Voice Cloning, and more.


To generate voiceovers effectively, you can use the ElevenLabs AI. Its text-to-speech feature is helpful for users to add voiceovers on the video, storytelling, and more. Also, after downloading the voiceover, there are times when you may encounter compatibility issues for audio playback. If so, use the ArkThinker Video Converter Ultimate. Its audio converter feature allows you to convert your voice files in various audio formats, like FLAC, AAC, ACE, MP3, and more.

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