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1. What to do if I didn’t get a registration code after purchasing?

Once the order is processed, the code should be sent to you through email within an hour. If not, please contact out support team to get the code immediately.

2. How to register the product?

If you have purchased the license and received the registration code, please find the Register window in the program. Then input the email address and the received code. Click Register to activate it.

3. Can I use the code on both Windows and Mac?

Sorry. You cannot use the code on different systems. If you bought a wrong license version, please contact our support team immediately.

4. The code is invalid?

Please make sure you have bought the right license version for the product you are using. You can also check if you misspelled the email address or the code. If that still doesn’t work, please contact us for more help.

5. What if I get a new computer? Can I still use this product?

If you are using a new computer with the same OS system, you can reset the code and use it to activate the program on your new computer. Please contact us if you need to reset the code.

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6. Failed to load a video file?

If the video file cannot be loaded to the program, you can check if the format of your file is supported by this program. Or, this file may be encrypted like DRM protection. You can also play the file with VLC Media Player to see if the file is damaged. If that still doesn’t work, you can contact our support team for further help.

7. Can I fasten the conversion speed?

Yes. We provide high speed conversion feature. You can enable it in the preference window. Also, please close unnecessary programs when you convert a file.

8. Does this product support 4K videos?

Yes, it supports not only 4K videos but other high resolutions, such as 8K, 5K, and 1080p.


9. How can I update the product to the latest version?

You can click the check updates in Preference to see if there’s a new upgrade. And you can always get the latest version in the product page.

10. What to do if the program crashes/freezes when opening?

You may encounter this problem when the program is corrupted or installed incorrectly. In that case you may need to uninstall the current program and reinstall the latest version from our website. If you cannot download the installer, you may need to shut down the anti-virus programs. And we suggest that you use other drives to install the program instead of C:\.

If you are a Windows 7 user, you may need to right click the program icon and choose to Run the program as administrator.

If none of the methods above helps, you can contact our support team and offer us the crashed report log file so that we can get a better understanding.

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