Convert Low-Resolution Image to High-Resolution in 3 Easy Ways

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Is there a lack of clarity and definition in your image? Try to convert your images to high resolution so they are more distinct, crisp, and appropriate for the web. HD material is always worth the hype, whether it's for print or social media. In this regard, using image upscaler will be of great help in producing high-resolution images. Check this out and read this guide on making high-resolution images from low ones online for free.

Make High-Resolution Images from Low Ones
Part 1. How to Make High-resolution Images from Low Ones Online Free
Part 2. High Image Resolution VS. Low Image Resolution
Part 3. FAQs About How to Make High-resolution Images from Low Ones

Part 1. How to Make High-resolution Images from Low Ones Online Free

Use ArkThinker Image Upscaler to Make High-Resolution Images

In converting low-resolution images to high-resolution, it is not necessary to give up on photo details for your image resolution. You can boost an image's resolution without losing any of its textures or nuances with the use of ArkThinker Image Upscaler. You won't get pixelated images. Yes, artificial intelligence can help with image quality! Upscaling will result in a clear, high-quality image since AI enhancements will bring out details that a larger resolution might otherwise conceal. Based on my experience, I find this tool helpful for beginners with no background in editing because of its user-friendly interface. The online tool is easy to utilize, and you only need to upload the image and let the AI work its magic. Here’s the step-by-step guide to convert photos from low-resolution to high-resolution.

Step 1

First, go to the website of ArkThinker Image Upscaler. You can click the Upscale Photo button or drop your image file in the main interface to upload your image.

ArkThinker Upscale Photo
Step 2

After the AI tool processes your image, the preview window will pop up. Aside from seeing the preview of the result, you can adjust the magnification of your photo up to 8x.

ArkThinker Preview Window
Step 3

You can see the changes in the size and resolution of the output of the image in the preview window. You can add a new image to upscale by clicking the New Image button.

ArkThinker Add New Image
Step 4

Once you are fine with the result, you can now download the image by clicking the Save button. These are the guides on how to make low-resolution images into high-quality images using ArkThinker Image Upscaler.

ArkThinker Save Image

Make High-resolution Images from Low Ones Using Pixelcut

Second on the list is Pixelcut. One of the known AI image upscalers available online is Pixelcut. A photo enhancer that also uses AI technology to enhance images. It will add extra pixels to your image to intelligently improve the quality. This photo enhancer will produce high-quality photos once you've chosen your preferred resolution. The entire upscaling procedure takes only a few seconds, allowing you to continue working. Even so, this tool only offers limited features to use for its free version. You can only upscale your image up to 2× and save them on your local storage for free. Here’s the guide on how to convert low-resolution images to high-resolution online and for free using this tool:

Step 1

Go to the website of Pixelcut Image Upscaler. Tick the Upload Image button and select the image you wish to edit, or drag the image file into the main interface of the tool.

Pixelcut Image Upscaler
Step 2

Once your photo is uploaded, wait for it to be processed. You will be rerouted to a new window where you can adjust the upscale size and zoom the image.

Pixelcut Adjust Scale Size
Step 3

If you still want to edit the image, click the Open Editor to access the other features of the tool. If you are already satisfied with the result, click the Download button to save your image.

Pixelcut Download Image

Convert Low-resolution Images to High-resolution Using IMG2Go

Last but not least is the IMG2Go Image Upscaler. By using sophisticated algorithms, its AI technology can enhance the clarity and lost information in your low-resolution photos. A photo enlargement and enhancement tool powered by artificial intelligence is perfect for anyone who needs it. This AI Upscaling tool offers the solution you need, whether you have low-quality photos that need to be utilized in a more formal environment or treasured recollections. It can improve and enlarge your photos right now for cr > isp, colorful, and excellent results. However, you can only upscale your image up to 4×. There is no available preview of the result, so you can’t check it before downloading. If this won’t bother you, here’s the step on how to make low-resolution pictures high-resolution with the use of this tool:

Step 1

Go to the website of IMG2Go Upscale Image. Upload your picture by clicking the Choose File button to open your local storage, or simply drop your image.

Img2Go Choose File
Step 2

You can adjust the scale size, width, height, and the percentage of upscaling of your photo. These are located below the main interface.

Img2Go Adjust the Scale
Step 3

You can adjust the format of your output before proceeding to upscaling it. Once you’re all set, click the Start button to upscale the image. And that’s it! Here are the best ways how to make low-resolution pictures high-resolution with no hassle and stress-free!

Img2Go Start Upscale

Part 2. High Image Resolution VS. Low Image Resolution

In digital imaging, the term “resolution” is frequently used interchangeably with “pixel count.” Anything that displays a lot of detail is regarded as having high resolution. Higher concentrations of pixels or dots in the media produce higher-resolution images, which are superior in quality and clarity due to the increased detail. Depending on your project and objective, high-resolution photos are best for delivering clear and concise content, albeit the amount you require will vary. Lower-resolution photos, on the other hand, often have fewer pixels or dots and, therefore, less detail. A low-resolution photo appears fragmented or blurry when enlarged on a digital monitor and has fewer pixels per inch. We also refer to them as low-PPI images at times. The value of an image's resolution is indicated by the digital display's PPI or pixels per inch. If it has fewer than 300 pixels per inch, it is deemed as a low-resolution photo.

Part 3. FAQs About How to Make High-resolution Images from Low Ones

What are PPI and DPI in image resolution?

The digital image resolution or video display is measured in pixels per inch, or PPI. On a screen or computer image, a pixel is a region of color or light. A computer monitor or screen's pixel density, or display resolution, is measured by PPI. On the other hand, DPI refers to an output resolution. In terms of print resolution, dots per inch, or “DPI,” refers to the quantity of ink dots a printer deposits on a sheet of paper per inch.

How to increase the image resolution without using Photoshop?

In converting an image into high-resolution, it is best to use an image upscaling tool like the ArkThinker Image Upscaler. With the use of AI advancements, it can elevate low-resolution images into high-quality and provide clear and sharp images.

Does the image quality affect file size?

Image quality has nothing to do with the actual file size. Only the dimensions will change if the resolution is changed. There will be no change in the file size. You will alter the file size, however, if you resample the file with a different resolution while maintaining the same dimensions.


If you want to make high resolution images from low ones, you can do it for free. There is tons of software that you can use and is accessible online. You can use ArkThinker Image Upscaler without having the hassle of installing and setting it up on your desktop. This web-based tool can fix the distorted image and elevate the grainy and low-resolution photo to an HD image, even up to 3000x pixels.

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